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Discussion in 'Hallucinatory Substances' started by IgrowBIGG, Apr 8, 2009.


    IgrowBIGG Active Member

    Has anyone ever heard of the drug 2cp? Some kid i met told me about it said its the absolute craziest trip on the planet like acid plus heroine plus nething u could imagine times about 20. If so plez explain or talk about it. Also, ne1 know of any other krazy ass drugs like that tht i have prob never heard of??? I know about alott... just curious.

    (No i am not talking about PCP so i dont wanna c ne1 on here sayin dont u mean PCP???)

    hom36rown Well-Known Member

    yes. Its a research chemical. There aseveral different 2c analogues. Theres 2c-b,c,d,e,i, and a couple more. you can look up trip reports on erowid.org

    JoeBananas Well-Known Member

    This will be my last post #420.

    I can answer many questions about de-hallucinogens, 'psychedelics'.
    Just shoot me a PM, I will be checking now and then.


    I could assist in the first 3, but the last two are up to you.


    greenleafhigh Well-Known Member

    Soo now your never going to post agin......:neutral: good bye ....

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    if you're serious.. then I would like to thank you for all the help you have given myself and our fellow members at RIU. Your knowledge of RC's is unsurpassed.

    munki Active Member

    2C-P is a long lasting psychedelic. It is also has a steep dose to response curve meaning most people need around 6mg to feel it at all where about 14mg is as high as anyone would want to go and still have a fun time. This is simply not something that can be eyeballed measured. A real 1mg scale is required to deal with these RCs (Research Chemicals). Since the governments Operation Web Trypt, most sources for these chems when away. So, it will be a challenge to find it let alone properly measure out a dose. Be careful. People have died abusing these chems which got the gummit's attention and subsequent scheduling and banning of said substances.


    LaTrevz Member

    2cp wasnt much of a cool trip to me. Ive had a connection to all of the analouges and by far my favorite was 2ce and 2ci. 2ce is basicaly a mix between acid and extacy, but the acid (i.e. the visuals) definitely has a stronger effect than the ex feeling. Its the same thing with 2ci just vice versa on on the strength. there are plenty of chemical processors that still sell this to the states in little gift boxes (how i get mine), and it has never failed me once. Just look around on the internet and believe me, you wil find a company that will send it.

    boabbymac Well-Known Member

    never had 2cp but have taken 2cb and 2ci.took 6 2cb caps supposedly 15mg of 2cb and the rest of the cap filled with strawberry sherbert fucking tasty.:D anyway took 6,2 pills and was drinkin all day (new years) eve.went to a party didnt have much visual going on but when 4 friends and i came back too mine it was fucking unreal my walls started warping my bed was about 10 times the size it should have been,i was also able to change the colour of the lightbulb in my room just by concentrating the roof then swallowed the lightbulb and everything had a water effect to it,also when going for a piss it was like i was pissing a rainbow.definetly worth a try.

    aceventura Member

    I really want to try the stuff but i can't find a place to order it , any help would be very useful

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    don't waste your time.. get some 2c-i

    aceventura Member

    i already gave up finding that stuff either , it is just me or finding 2c* stuff from net is hard think to do

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    2c-p is considered to be the strongest of the 2c's... BUT i doubt it is not as caressing as 2c-i or 2c-c... body load would be disfiguring as I see it!

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    How is that? Potency or effects? I would think 2C-G-5 is the strongest 2C-x

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    oooops... well SHEPj... I WAS JUST going by other opinions.... and information from wikipedia... will give some food for thought on the other mention compound!

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    The only reason I say 2C-G-5, is due to the duration.. but you may be right, I have not compared them.

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    I havent compared the two neither.. but will in the next few hrs ;)

    I wouldn't base the potency on the compound solely on the duration... the duration may be key in its whole on effectiveness... but that can be interpreted on how much time the drug is reacting with a nuerotransmitter... and not so much on dosage... and the effficacy of visual/ mental state.
    Playing With PEA's

    Playing With PEA's New Member

    Shepj has the right idea. But you guys are forgetting about 2C-TFM. 4mg dose. Effects similar to 2C-I and 2C-E. But lasts around 8 hours :-)

    ndangerspecimen101 Well-Known Member

    Doesn't shepj always have the upper hand...;)

    Damn sasha shulgin sures makes us work hard on are psyches... Myriads of them! 2c-TFM???? Lots of lettering there...will give that some consideration too...4mg=8 hours of fun, simply: wow!
    Playing With PEA's

    Playing With PEA's New Member

    It's not a classic phenethylamine. Meaning it wan't synthesized by Sasha. Also not being sold at the moment by any vendor I know. HAS been sold. But not currently.

    shepj Oracle of Hallucinogens

    that aint shit ;-)

    32-48 hrs


    Not always, if Joe Bananas, Styles, Albert Hoffman, or Shulgin were here.. I would be at a significant disadvantage ;-)

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