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2700k for veg?

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by Charfizcool, Mar 23, 2008.


    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    could I use 2700k cfl's for veg. growth? Or would I have to use 6500k only? I'm a huge noob so I may ask some wierd questions:peace: Also the lights are warm white which I heard are bad. I would be growing 1 plant with 3x20watt cfl's and 2x22' fluorescent lights,is their such a thing as too much light?

    zoezoezoe Well-Known Member

    with warm lights you will get stretching. It is better to use Blue or "Daylight" bulbs for veg growth. Also, you can have too much light for grow room, but a plant will soak up a lot of light in good conditions. Regardless, your current setup is nothing close to too much light.

    BlessAmerica Well-Known Member

    When vegging you really, basically, have to use 6500k (at least you know what the kelvin scale is, I've grown outdoors a few times and one failed try inside before I knew what k meant). The 2700k is what people use for flowering, mostly in combonation with 6500k. MH lights put out around 6500k, and are used for vegging. HPS, used for flowering, are like (semi-geuss here) 3000k. Also you can't really have too much light. You can, but it is a point where your plants stop absorbing light, too much light will not kill them. The amount of light produced is called lumens, and there is mathmatical equation in the GrowFAQ that tells you how many lumens you need for your setup. As Zoe mentioned your current setup is no where near that point. Even MH and HPS combined isn't at that point. Check out "SunBlaze's" T5 HO 6500k 2ft setups for $28. I have two of them growing two plants (18") right now. Grant it I am about to flower them so I am buying more light, but I think two should be sufficient with your other lights. Good luck.

    Charfizcool Well-Known Member


    sicknasty Well-Known Member

    to explain the science behind it there are 2 main types of chlorophyll. One type uses 6500k light more readily and helps the plant vegetate and keeps nodes tight. The other type uses 2700k more readily and seems to help produce things the plant needs to make buds.

    Those will work perfect for vegetative growth of a single plant.

    Some say it is beneficial to mix at all times though, say 2 6500k and 1 2700k for veg.

    Charfizcool Well-Known Member

    would i be able to use my 3 2700k cfl's for one week without stretching my plant? I can't get any lights untill sat. but I can put my plant in sunlight during the day and turn on my cfl's at night.

    BlessAmerica Well-Known Member

    I think a week would be okay. I mean, as long as you are not messing up the light cycles they should be fine. As for the SunBlaze, I found their actual site once, but this one is abut the same (just charges a little more) Sun Blaze T5 Fluorescent Strip Light 2ft 1 bulb 24W . Keep us updated, good luck.

    kedakoop Member

    Am using all 27k with whole grow and am on the 2 week and i have 2 set of new nodes and healthy plant plus am using mg soil 6 month and 3 13 watt cfl and one 26 watt cfl and for flower am gone add 2 more 26 watt to equal 117 watts of cfl which is enough
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    diet coke

    diet coke Active Member

    I vegged for 2 weeks with 2700k 110w, mine did just fine. now I am running both @220w 14800 umens. Working great.
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    killachris New Member

    hey man, 2700k bulbs will work fine for veg and flower.
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    hiitsbob Well-Known Member

    does not have to be 6500k either 5000k would work just fine. lowes has 4 pack of 23w 5000k for 12 bucks and 6 23w 2700k for 12 bucks.
    good luck and use a good mix of spectrums.
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    PetFlora Well-Known Member

    Vegged under 5000K LED bulbs from Lowes/HD

    Then 3000K to bring on flowers

    drop by my thread if you want to see them in mid-flower

    IMG_1360.jpg IMG_1358.jpg IMG_1363.jpg

    HighLife4Me Well-Known Member

    I always use 2700k for vegging. Then a mixture of 2700k and hps for flowering. 2700k will work fine for vegging.
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    skyhighatrist Member

    • ok so i had a seedling that was left in the sun in a multi purpose soil and given plain water and now I'm 7 weeks into the veg.
      around the 4th week i introduced 1 23w cfl 2700k (100w equiv) and still only gave it plain water.
      at 6 weeks i re-potted into a larger pot as the root system needed more room.
      I'm at the end of the 7th week she is 15" tall and in very good condition again only plain water has been given but now I've introduced a second 23w cfl 2700k (been in there for 2 of the last day of week 7) and she is nearly mature enough to start the flowering process and to be switch over to 12/12 lighting.
      NOW the problem i have is the fact ive used nothing but water no nutes at all and she's doing fine, now I'm nearing the flowering stage I'm not sure whether to start using bloom nutes etc or not due to the plant growing so well with no nutes what so ever. so i need help of if to use anything and if so what??
      im still amazed by the fact its grow this well with just water and 1 23w cfl from week 4 to 7​


    Mr.Juana Member

    They use High pressure sodium for veg all the time and it seems to work great. I think 6500k would work better but you can get away with 2700k

    raqqball6 New Member

    2700K works fine, you wont have stretching if you keep the light close enough to the plants

    gardengardian7 Well-Known Member

    Hey whats up GG here with you. As you can see i ended up here cause i had the same inquiry. But i just got lights today from first energy. Took 5weeks. But i have 2 x6500K 27w bulbs and 1 2700k 40w bulb. i just put the 40 with the two thats what lead me here. But had a 23w and i changed it. This is my baby Bella. Shes 7 days old today.:weed:

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    gardengardian7 Well-Known Member

    Im thinking some is better tha. None. Id put them on her why let her go without you know. I say her to all plants until they show ddifferent. Talk to her and tell her she gone be ok...

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    GemuGrows Well-Known Member

    Hey man if it helps, more light is always better. Preferably you want to veg with blue-er bulbs (6500kish), and flower with red bulbs (2700k).

    Little example, if I had to choose I would use a total of 80w consisting of 60w blue, 20w red over using simply 60w if blue, if it was my only choice. I would suggest you use more than 60-80w though (:

    My grow has been a bit of a mix just because I don't have a ton of cash so I'm using whats available, plus a lot of growers prefer a mix.

    My 0.02

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