250 watt cfl pc case grow to led grow help

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    pic attached.
    wanted to install led ufo 90 watt blackstar instead of the 250bulb. no heat issues with the 250 just the metal top of the pc case is getting really hot and theres a melting smell lingering.

    couldn't really find any pix or info on ufos installed in a pc case or one of these strips http://www.amazon.com/Grow-Lighthouse-Hydro-BlackStar-Flowering/dp/B004E662SA/ref=pd_sxp_f_pt

    would that be enough sufficient lighting for 1 auto plant?

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    sel3ctive Active Member

    Well I can say that if you don't have a PC fan venting heat directly away from the bulb you are going to get some heat issues with that small space. I was having heat issues with only 4 CFLS and even then I had to position the bulbs in such a way that the top exhaust fan could pull the hot air away from the bulbs.

    If I had to try a PC grow again I would build a case with 2x120mm fans mounted at the very top of the case venting air out and 2x120mm fans down at the bottom pulling air in (all on the fastest speed settings they could be on).

    Just looking at the case and the size of the LED I'm going to wager that its not going to fit and if it will is going to be a tight fit and you might run into exhaust issues like I stated earlier.

    But all of this is just theory from my last run. Good luck.

    reku Active Member

    dont think you can fit a UFO into a PC case, havent seen one yet, and i have looked at every PC grow i can find.

    Dragon311 Active Member

    IMHO you're gonna need alot more ventilation than that itty bitty fan in the corner. That bulb will bake the case. Use an 80mm or 120mm PC fan mounted at bulb height to suck out the hot air.

    arcflash New Member

    That size cfl in that small a space will be more than enough... I use to use that size cfl and a couple of other 25 watt 2' cfls for the sides and I was growing in a 2'x2' space with great results! Even though cfls don't generate much heat, you wil need some fans to circulate and exhaust the air.

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