25 miles away from the nearest dispensary?

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    I look up dispensaries in Arizona and I'm confused. You have to be 25 miles away from the nearest dispensary to grow your own legally. However, there's nearly nowhere in AZ that isn't within 25 miles from the nearest one.
    Then I hear people saying there are no dispensaries in Arizona. So what makes a dispensary if that's true? I see places like THC smoke shop and there are 100's of places to legally buy marijuana in AZ. Does that make them a dispensary? Or are they just a "marijuana smoke shop."
    I don't know the difference between either of them. I just want to legally grow my own. x.x
    Only place in AZ that doesn't have these dispensaries is Wickenberg. I would be willing to go out there and continue growing, regardless of gas prices because it still saves a LOT of money. ($250 an oz for stuff on the cheaper end)

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    Anyone live in AZ here? lol

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    There are lots of places that will be more than 25 miles from a dispensary, there just isn't any people, or buildings in those areas. There are no dispensaries, I think. There was one in glendale but it got an extension because they didn't have any weed yet.

    The whole point of the law was to make it impossible for you to grow weed and give the dispensaries a monopoly. So bend over and pay $375 an OZ for weed you could have grown in your closet for $50 or move to Colorado.

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    I got a cuz that lives out there. There are no..well there's nothing within an hour of her place,her nearest neighbors are 5 mins away..sounds like heaven to me..and you'd be able to grow. Just don't remember the name of the town..somewhere near Flagstaff I believe.

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    Tuscon has the only open dispensary as of yet but they are only pre-registring people and the glendale one isnt to far behind it.I havent heard of any others yet but it wont be long.There are tons of co-ops and clubs that are open though but you still get bent over and to me is the same as a dispensary.Take a minute and sign and send the letter above to voice your concern.Every little bit helps.

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