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24 hrs of light for veg cycle?

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by grandprix8152000, Feb 22, 2008.


    grandprix8152000 Well-Known Member

    does anyone know if this will harm my plants or if it will be ok and if i switch to 18/6 after ive been doing 24 hours for 16 days do you think it will hurt them?

    Hillbilly420 Well-Known Member

    That'd be ok... as long as they have 18 hrs of light to veg. I have found that they double in size when you flip the lights to 12/12... so keep that in mind bro!

    groprofosho Well-Known Member

    24 hrs is what i use because the plant will grow the whole time. You can use any variation of light as long as the plant gets at least 13 hours of light it will keep vegging. It makes more sense to use 24 because your time is valuable.
    Hidden Agenda

    Hidden Agenda Well-Known Member

    There is debate on this subject whether 24 hours really gives much more growth than 18, when dealing with the watts involved with HPS lighting, a lot of people will say that any gains made by keeping the light on those extra 6 hours a night is more than offset by the cost of keeping the sun turned on.

    Also, darkness is good for root growth.
    i say 18/6, but it's subjective

    LordCody Active Member

    im in veg state now and i got a 400mh under my firls....alont with 2 6inch florcent and a cfl 25 watt light lower to give my lower leaves light..is that okay for my 400mh to turn off and leave the cfl and florcent on....just so the girls have still some light to veg..? HELPP pics postedd

    trapper Well-Known Member

    24/7 is quicker,but i prefer 18/6.
    Top 44

    Top 44 Well-Known Member

    Won't hurt em any

    trapper Well-Known Member

    it wont hurt them,i think they actually flower sooner when you go too 12/12.the gradual light switch is froom what i seen better,but i never did a scientific experiment just my personal observation.but i also thought my first live in was a good woman.

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