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24/7 vs 18/6 light cycle

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by winters1, Jan 11, 2008.


    winters1 Active Member

    What would be the reasoning for leaving them on 24/7 vs going with an 18/6 light cycle? Wouldn't the plants need some time to rest? I am growing organic in soilless mix.. what would you recommend?

    McLovin420 Well-Known Member

    24 hours = faster growth
    18/6 = slower growth & faster preflowering

    Ratty696 Well-Known Member

    Its really a matter of opinion. Some say 24 hours = faster growth but my plants grew faster once I put them on 18/6 then they did on 24hours. In the long run I think its just gonna cost you more than its worth to have the light for the extra 6 hours.

    Covert Active Member

    The cost to keep the lights on an extra 6hrs aren't really worth the benifets of having them on...

    email468 Well-Known Member

    i think the biggest reason to use 18/6 is to reduce heat in the grow room (and some minimal cost savings on electric bill).
    i think the rest of the reasons are mythic or anecdotal.
    Bud Green

    Bud Green Active Member

    go 24/0 with seedlings and clones until they are established, then switch over to 18/6 or you can go 20/4 you want to give the plants a little rest they will grow in the dark.Some people will argue this but most have a dark period.

    email468 Well-Known Member

    i won't argue they grow in the dark. I would argue against the need for rest. i mean it's not like plants have muscle fibers that require resting before use.

    also - one of the benefits of indoor growing is you can leave the lights on 24 hours a day!

    now having said that - i have heard about folks getting more males and hermies using 24/0 rather than 18/6 but my experience has been - it doesn't really matter.

    matman4444 Well-Known Member

    Is it true that youre more likely to get females if you interrupt the 18/6 with an hour or so of light in the middle?
    I read this on one of the guides to growing weed, but there are so many out there, who knows how much bs there is.

    email468 Well-Known Member

    i have a feeling we are wading in it! my opinion is - a lot growers think something works and makes their plants better but the reality is - the plants are doing well IN SPITE OF rather than BECAUSE of things growers are doing. myself included of course.

    BSIv2.0 Well-Known Member

    Thats hitting the nail right on the head.

    psyclone Well-Known Member

    Yes to all that.

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