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20x20 ft grow room ideas

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by SDSativa, Jul 30, 2009.


    SDSativa Active Member

    Hey everybody. It's always fun to dream, and this is just one of my dreams I can't get out of my head. I've been trying to design,
    'The Perfect Growroom" and have some great ideas. This is just an idea, and I do not plan on creating this anytime soon. Just have a few questions about design and if some of my ideas would work.
    The room would be 20'x20'. From this, I'll create 3 rooms. 10'x10' for flowering, 10'x10' for mothers, and 10'x20' for clones, preflower, and just a place to hang out. The flowering room will have 4 1000w HPS. The mother room will have 3 1000w MH, and the clones and preflower would be under flourescent.
    I want to make my rooms completely sealed with a/c, co2, a dehumidifier, and any other supplies I would need. The lights would be air cooled to reduce heat.
    I don't plan on power consumption being an issue because they would all be powered by solar and wind power. I'm no enviro-commi, but this would cut down on some huge expenses.

    Well, I guess my question is, With the setup I explained, Would I be able to use 1 5 ton a/c unit to controll all three rooms? Would I be able to program a thermostat for each room? I know the rooms are going to be different temps, and I dont want to have 1 room good and the other all screwed up. If you don't understand my question give me a holler.

    Heres a crappy pic of my idea.

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    Ax3 Active Member

    Hey mate i checked out your idea and it does seem like a good dream to have.

    I have watched though, that human presence in a grow-op can increase temps up to 10 degrees within something like 20 minutes (cant remember exactly but it was a very short period of time).

    It might not be the smartest to have a "hang out" area in your grow room for that, aswell as a huge number of other reasons. Another big reason would be that you should not have ANYONE in your grow op, let alone know that you have one.

    I take it you are not a medical grower (as people usually state they are otherwise), but at the moment your plan doesnt seem like it'd hold up and keep you out o jail less than a few weeks.

    but yeah thats just my $0.02

    gl mate (Y)

    SDSativa Active Member

    Hey Ax3, just read your response. The "hang out" area I was planning on having would only be housing the clones and preflowers, and also have a designated a/c, so I don't think the heat issue would be a problem. And it was also more of a hang out for myself and my girlfriend(nobody knows I grow).
    And I am a medical grower, and have been one for almost a year now. I don't plan on throwing hundreds of plants in there. 9 plants each table(36) flowering, 12 mothers, and some clones. I probably overdid the lights, but thats ok because this is "the ultimate growroom". I don't plan on being some huge dealer or anything, just had some cool ideas for a sweet growroom.

    DadeRoLy Member

    something similiar 9 trees ,each in 15 gal buckets, 5 1000watts in a 10x11 room with a 3 ton central a.c unit

    Ax3 Active Member

    Oh in that case my bad. It really is a sick idea for a grow room.

    Uhm just off the top of my head i remember that you need 3000 BTU per 1000W HPS light, so what are the full specs of that AC unit?

    SDSativa Active Member

    hey Ax3, I don't really have a particular a/c in mind. I would either have to have 3 portable a/c(all at about 14000btu), or 1 large one that could control all 3 rooms. I know a 5ton A/c is huge, but I don't really know what else to use. I would rather use 1 large one that controlled the rooms independently, but I don't know if that is possible.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    5 ton is 60k btu's, room temps would depend on where you put it and how you circulate air between rooms.

    And hanging out with your plants and animals together is good for them if they don't get second hand smoke that is. You'll be generating c02 and no it's not going to affect anything temp wise in this size grow.

    SDSativa Active Member

    Thanks for responding Oregon. I was planning on having an outside ac unit installed. I thought that was the only way. And see if I could put programmable thermostats in each room. Since the flower and mother rooms will have co2, I thought I could keep the temps between 82-90 F. The 3rd room would probably be set a little cooler since I would be going in there. I designed this room thinking I could have a place to grow, and a place to sit down, relax, and smoke a few bowls.

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    You're talking about a 5 ton standard home central air conditioner. Part is outside but there is a coil inside with a fan blowing air through it to cool the air. The coil has to go somewhere and the air has to be circulated and it's basically all one temperature so no multiple thermostats.

    SDSativa Active Member

    So do you think I would have to put a portable a/c in each room? I wasn't sure if it would work, but I just thought it would be cool to have 1 a/c that controlled all 3 rooms. But I guess not. thanks for the input.

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