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2013 - Most Potent THC Auto's - High to Extreme THC 15% to 24%

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by Spe3dy, Apr 22, 2013.


    Spe3dy Member

    Auto Seeds - All Automatic's
    THC 15% to 24%
    Great Smoke Any Choice! Narcotic to Psyhodelic

    Barneys Farm - Critical Rapido Automatic
    Critical Mass X Siberian Ruderalis
    Top Quality & Gigantic Yields
    15% THC & 1.3% CBD
    Flowering Time 65 to 75 Days

    Barneys Farm - Sweet Tooth Automatic
    22%+ THC - CBD 1,1%
    Flowering Time 60 to 70 Days

    Buddha Seeds All Automatic's
    15% to 22% THC
    7 Choices, My Fav's
    Purple Kush, Quasar, Red Dwarf, Syrup

    DinaFem All Automatic's
    15%+ THC
    Great Smoke Any Choice!

    Delicious Seeds - Il Diavolo
    Flowering Time ready in 45 days
    THC 17%

    Delicious Seeds - La Bella Afrodita
    20% THC
    Flowering Time 60 to 70 Days

    Delicious Seeds - La Frutta Di Venus
    20% THC
    lightning-fast 55-days

    Feminised Seeds Blue Treacle Autoflowering
    THC 17%
    Flowering Time 60 - 65 Days

    Kannabia Seeds B Lee Automatic
    THC 20%
    Flowering Time 60 days Awesome Bud..
    Knock ur Dick-N-The-Dirt Smoke

    Try all Kannabia Seeds Automatic's
    THC 15% to 20%
    All Have Short Life Cycle

    Ministry of Cannabis Royalmatic Automatic
    THC 17%
    Flowering Time 9 week to Havest

    Pyramid Seeds All their Automatic's
    THC 13% to 18%
    Flowering Time 60 to 90 days

    Sagarmatha Seeds - AK48 Automatic
    THC 21%
    Flowering Time 8 to 9 Weeks from Seed

    Sweet Seeds - Big Devil 2
    THC 19-20% - CBD 1,1%

    World of Seeds - Afghan Kush Automatic
    THC 22% - CBD: 1.2%
    Flowering Time 65-75 days

    World of Seeds - Northern Lights X Big Bud
    THC 20% - CBD: 1.2%
    Flowering Time 65-75 days

    World of Seeds - Pakistan Ryder
    THC 20% - CBD: 1.2%
    Flowering Time 45-55 days


    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    any idea about Female seed company strains?

    Spe3dy Member

    Hi M8,

    I'm no expert but two Female Seed Strains come to mind!

    Female Seeds - Auto AK
    Cannabis Genetics - AK47 X Lowryder
    Flowering Time - 56 Days
    THC 10% to 12% - Cerebral High like Thai
    Grows well.

    Female Seeds - Automatic Jack <------------ DaBomb!!!
    Cannabis Genetics - Jack Herer X Ruderalis
    Super Sticky - Ultra Potent - Stone lasts 5 to 6 hours.
    THC 15%+
    Flowering Time - 60 - 70 Days
    Perfect for Beginners


    Spe3dy Member

    Please keep in mind, those new to growing wont see THC levels this high.
    A good strain with good conditions can see 7 to 10% THC levels.

    BeastGrow Well-Known Member

    cool shit, i actually have an order for auto ak and auto bubble on the way... also any idea about advanced seeds auto skunk mass?

    Spe3dy Member

    I don't know much about Advanced seeds. I'll dig around see what I can find for you.


    Spe3dy Member

    You'll like the AK for sure! :weed:

    jerico33 Member

    I hear dinafem is good

    sadface Active Member

    Just ordered some Dinafem Critical + 2.0 auto seeds becuase I heard good things about Dinafem Critcal +. Plan on growing it along slide Afgani Kush Ryder. Ill make sure to let y'all know how it goes

    Spe3dy Member

    Yes Dinafem has really good people working with the Genetics of their Auto "STRAINS"

    Great breeders! :joint:


    Spe3dy Member


    Let me know how the Critical + 2.0 comes out. I've never tried it!
    I'm growing my first "Cream of the Crop" Narcotic Kush Fem Automatic.
    She's a little fat piglet :) at 3 weeks old. I had to give a vegetation feeder pack.

    She's 8" tall and her first set of seven leaves appeared two days ago. I can tell it's a great strain.

    I can rub my thumb across the fan leaves and get that gr8t pungent Indica smell.
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    iiTzHaroon Active Member

    Im also growing cream of the crop K.O and the Cash Crop. Both are meant to be 20+

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