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20 Cherry ak47 Clones, Indoor 2 600 Ws

Discussion in 'Grow Journal Discussion' started by g13hydo, Jan 12, 2011.


    g13hydo Active Member

    i bought 20 cherry ak 47 clones from the club by my house on the 9th, they are in a 4x8x7 tent running under 2 dimmeable 600w lumatek ballasts. using fox farms ocean soil. floranova grow,bloom, kool bloom and floralicious are the nutrients used along with vanilla flavored corn syrup. they will be topped around 3rd or 4th week.

    i also have some gods gift crossed with cherry pez, gods gift with urkle, some sour d, purple trainwreck, purple goo seeds that are in the germ chamber. will update pics every couple days


    g13hydo Active Member

    will be going out to the club tonight and get another 10-20 clones will post pics tommorow

    lotsOweed Active Member

    Looking good. Almost exactly how my next setup will be. Your pickin up more clones? Do you have more lights? Cuz 30-40 seem like alot under 1200w

    g13hydo Active Member

    yes ill be picking up more clones i have 11 more pots, i know for sure ill be fine off the 1200watts. reason why im not using 1000w is i live in an apartment and i dont want to blow the 20 amp fuse as im running 2 lights for the same ammount of electricity as a 1000w.look in my pic by name thats 40 gdp plants under 2 600ws and i harvested 2 1/2 lbs. i do 4 harvests a year. every 3 months i harvest

    themda Active Member

    do you live in nor cal? the club i go to had those clones a couple weeks ago

    g13hydo Active Member

    yes i live in norcal and yes it was probably the same club one solution

    thenotoriousone Active Member

    Take care of the Cherry AK 47. The Phenotype is 1/10,000 Seeds. I also have a AK47 Cherry mother!

    g13hydo Active Member

    update as of 1/25/2011 have had the clones roughly 16 days, i topped them already on sunday.also ive been lst'ing one of the seeds ill post pics of it next time once its more developed. i have my ballasts set to 400w right now but during flowering ill boost it up to the super lumens mode. SDC11127.jpg SDC11129.jpg SDC11125.jpg SDC11128.jpg

    ClexKush Active Member

    Update with pics?
    I'm wanting to see more! I'm currently only vegging two plants and flowering 2
    40 seems like a lot to me haha.

    + rep =]

    g13hydo Active Member

    ever hear of sea of green?

    midevil2323 Member

    lookin forward to your flowering pics....

    steverthebeaver81 Active Member

    cant wait to see how it turns out!!

    houseofganj Member

    I am curious how your crop is looking like. I am also thinking about growing some Cherry AK, it's one of my favorite strains :) If anyone has has any insight as far as a grow log, i would highly appreciate it.


    g13hydo Active Member

    7th week 8th on Sunday


    Ohyeah Member

    Yeah I figured u got those from 1 solution...... They are nice producers. My prob. with Cherry AK tho is that the lineage was lossed in all of this..... I have heard it orginated up here (from the guys @ 1 solution) But actually after doing some homework (i went on Budtrader) I actually found a gentalman that claims to have created these....... Umm I'm at a loss as to who to believe..... From my grow currently I am leaning towards SoCal because the really like the moisture, I have been running between 55 and 65% humidtiy with temps in the 84 degree range(seems closes to Socal growing specs) R u running Co2????? What part of Sac u in??????? Im in Roseville IM me if you want..... I would love to compare notes or smoke......... bongsmilie

    Theophilus Member

    I got Cherry AK up in the Bay Area about 2 or more years ago and have held on to it ever since.

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