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2 x 4 Auto Grow ! (Easy Ryder/Red Dwarf)

Discussion in 'Auto-Flowering Strains' started by marcustheasshole, Mar 18, 2012.


    marcustheasshole Member

    Here's the start of the grow ! I will keep updating every few days.. Feel free to comment!

    Setup: 2x4x5 Grow Tent

    600w Dimmable Electronic Ballast (w/mh & hps bulbs)
    4" 165 CFM Inline Fan (no filter)
    Promix HP Soil-less Mix
    1 Airpot for testing (great buy so far)
    Rhizotronic Root Stim
    2 part GH Flora Series Nutrients
    2x Easy Ryder
    3x Red Dwarf

    Currently on 20/4 @ 400w mh and watering with Rhizotronic, spraying them from time to time...

    Started FloraMicro Today, see how the girls respond to it.

    These pictures were take 2 days ago.

    IMG_0964.jpg IMG_0965.jpg IMG_0966.jpg IMG_0967.jpg IMG_0968.jpg


    Zoltan44x Active Member

    I like those green stems on seedlings.
    Good luck ;)

    marcustheasshole Member

    Update ! So the girls are doing good so far, especially the Easy Ryders, which are quite noticeable. The 3 Dwarfs are pretty far behind, they seem to be slow growers... The 1st Dwarf (3rd pic) was planted at the same time as the 1st easy ryder (last pic) , it has some catching up to do ha ha.

    IMG_0417.jpg IMG_0418.jpg IMG_0415.jpg IMG_0416.jpg IMG_0414.jpg

    Zeplike Active Member

    looks great marcus. I'll definitely be watching since I have 10 autos in the same 2x4 space to work with

    marcustheasshole Member

    I totally lost track of which day they're at but here's an Update!!

    They all seem to be doing quite well overall , the Dwarfs are slowly picking up...
    The ER's have noticeable progression every 8hours and are getting stinky :-o.

    Temps have been higher than usual (low to mid 80's) but the ladies are still thriving..
    Should cool down to the mid 70's in the next few days...

    IMG_0434.jpg IMG_0429.jpg IMG_0431.jpg IMG_0432.jpg IMG_0433.jpg

    marcustheasshole Member

    Update! Alright so the ladies are doing well, no problems so far... Still unsure which day I'm at but somewhere in the 3rd week I believe.
    The 2 ER's are showing pre-flowers and 1 dwarf is as well. Feeding with 3/4 dose of FloraMicro, seems to be taking it well... I will wait until all the ladies show their pre flowers then I will make the switch to
    HPS, sometime later this week hopefully.. Feel free to comment !!


    IMG_0005.jpg IMG_0014.jpg IMG_0013.jpg IMG_0012.jpg IMG_0011.jpg

    400wattsallday Active Member

    looking good fellow mass hole.

    marcustheasshole Member

    Can someone explain to me why the hell they are growing so slow?? It seems the more I look at other auto grows, by week 3 they're much bigger than mine are.. I know the dwarves were planted a few days after but they are still way small.. The ER's are doing good but I still feel like they should be much bigger by now.. The ERs are sitting at approx day 20 ish... I Just switched to HPS from MH this morning, hopefully that will help out a bit.. Also feeding with 3/4 dose of FloraMicro... I'm thinking it may be the Pro Mix Hp giving it a slower start due to not having nutes in it?? Any comments or advice would be good !

    troutie Well-Known Member

    never grown them strains i'm afraid ... i grew a couple of different types of autos before i grew a Barneys Farm™ Pineapple express... it seemed to take ages to take off..... three weeks and it looked just like yours ....and i'd heard glowing reports about the strain too....... them Whammo! it finished growing down and went Nuts .... its heaving with bud now and outgrowing anything i've grown before..
    i guess some strains grow differently ...your setup seems more then up to the job :-) , so i doubt if its anything wrong with what your doing....

    i dont give my autos any nutes for weeks and weeks, as they hate nute to death!... and if i use any at all its 1/4 strength bloom during flowering only

    (troutie edit... get that hps on them mate ... even though they are small they will be starting to show sex... and the more red spectrum the better)

    marcustheasshole Member

    UPDATE! Alright so It's been a few days since my last post, for those of you reading here are the photos ! They pretty much doubled in size in the last 6 days. Although they could be in a much better state (or worst, really)
    I left thursday afternoon to go visit some family up North, and only came back on sunday; leaving the plants in my friend's hand. There's only so much you can explain over a telephone/txt message really, and for someone who's never grew anything, I suppose they could be worst ha ha! Basically overwatered, and added a full dose and a 1/4 of Floramicro to the mix; which in reality a 1/4 dose would have been sufficient at this stage; considering the Dwarves are still smaller... The plants seem to be showing a Magnesium problem due to ph lockout. I flushed the worst one "halfway" basically, leaving still a bit of nutrients in soil for the upcoming days..

    Now , I'm flying out to Amsterdam tonight for the week and will be back Sunday . Again leaving my plants in his hands.. Safer if he sticks strictly to water for the week. I premixed some floramicro + florabloom + Rhizotonic , incase the ER's need a second watering at a later point in the week...

    IMG_1022.jpg IMG_1023.jpg IMG_1024.jpg IMG_1025.jpg IMG_1026.jpg IMG_1027.jpg

    Next Update to fallow Sunday or Monday... Get ready for something nice or a total disaster - Fingers Crossed -


    marcustheasshole Member

    Back from Amsterdam. Plants are looking good! Although there is one plant that I'm not sure how to diagnose...
    Tips are turning yellow they have some brownish spots on the leaves... The others are doing great.. Take a look!! One of them was fully dried, hence the droopiness...
    IMG_1185.jpg IMG_1184.jpg IMG_1183.jpg IMG_1182.jpg IMG_1181.jpg IMG_1180.jpg

    marcustheasshole Member

    All Seems fine here, besides my one Easy Ryder who seems to have had an overwatering issue/nutrient deficiency.... New growth is doing well, although the bottom turned out yellow a bit.... Turned on the 600w 2 days ago, they're loving it !! :-P

    IMG_1197.jpg IMG_1196.jpg IMG_1195.jpg IMG_1194.jpg IMG_1193.jpg IMG_1192.jpg IMG_1191.jpg


    brettsog Well-Known Member

    looking good man. how is that pot working out. the plant using it seems a bit taller than the rest?

    marcustheasshole Member

    I think it's pretty good!! I know it dries out much faster.. The plant is much taller for sure!! I'll be growing with only Airpots for my next round. I haven't tried the smartpots yet, I may even mix them up, see what kind of results I get.

    marcustheasshole Member


    IMG_1203.jpg IMG_1204.jpg IMG_1205.jpg IMG_1206.jpg IMG_1207.jpg IMG_1208.jpg

    Girls are doing great! The one ER is still in shock and having slow growth due to the (N) deficiency (potentially)... I watered last night with Floramicro + FloraBloom in a higher dosage, see what happens by this time tomorrow.

    new grower uk

    new grower uk Active Member

    Dude i hardly see anyone else growing or talking about red dwarf, iv done 4 grows, but red dwarf were the best, and everyone else who tried mine loved it, dunno i it is the genetics or 1st time luck but it was the fucking great, i didnt even think about growing weed but my cousin gave me the 5 red dwarf seeds so thats how i started
    new grower uk

    new grower uk Active Member

    Never done easyryder before now and im on day 32

    70sdiver Well-Known Member

    Red dwarfs pretty good.i grew out 3.

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