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2 Week Old Seedling, Drooping/Curling Leaves Yellowing Brown Spots(Pics)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by hypernovax, Jul 20, 2008.


    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    these are bagseed and about 2weeks old

    the first one(1st 2 pics) is dying and looking really bad the leaves are curling and drooping(touching the ground) and have brown spots and yellowing

    the 2nd one seems to be growing fine but the leaves are yellowing and getting brown spots, its only 2 weeks old, what does this mean?

    sorry the pics are low quality, all i have is a camera phone right now

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    tattooedflesh Active Member

    hey im not a pro but it seems to me they are burnt , it's like when you were watering them some water got on them and by doing that the sun or the light you use burned it from the water getting hot...

    the may still have a chance if you ask me just avoid getting them wet...

    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    oh shit i think you could be right, the last watering i did get some water on the leaves but it was under cfl, could a cfl cause it to burn if ther was water on the leaves?
    and as for the 2nd pic thats something else right? its starting to get really light green

    BlessAmerica Well-Known Member

    water on the plant will seldom cause such obvious problems....

    It looks like your giving new-borns nutes. They look nute burnt. Don't give plants nutes for the first month. Also synthetic nutes (miracle grow) tend to burn alot more than organic (fish emulsion, compost tea).

    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    eh, atleast i learned something, its dead now :( still got 10 left though...

    I didnt give them any nutes but i think my soil has nutes in it, i was thinking theyre nute deficient if anything lol, but what do i know...
    what does it mean when it starts to get really light/yellow green?

    KushKing949 New Member

    are you using Miracle Grow by any chance???

    Iquios Well-Known Member

    Droopy leaves is usually overwatering.

    EverythingISayIsPRETEND Well-Known Member

    i would say it looks like burn and overwater.

    Vizion420 Well-Known Member

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    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    nope, just some generic cheap potting soil that has ferts i guess

    you guys are saying overwatering causes the yellow leaves? weird, i only water like every other day or every 3rd day

    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    It doesnt seem like I got a clear answer on why the leaves are getting yellow-green, honestly have no clue if its nute burn or nute defieciency, the thnig is as the plants get older the leaves get more yellow, maybe its because the nutes in the soil take some time to be absorbed? nute defieciency? i have no clue, i just know for all of my 10 seedlings they start to get more yellow as they get bigger, here is a pic for comparison in color

    these seedlngs are about the same age the bigger one is only 2 or 3 days older... its bigger because it has a better cfls above it and its closer to it i guess, but look at the difference in color, the smaller one is just solid green and the big one is yellow green and getting yellower as it grows, what does this mean?

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    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    bump... heres a pic from today
    i really want to know whats causing the yellowing...
    if its nute burn how come this is the only affected plant out of 10, its also the biggest, these plants seem to get yellower as they get bigger, anyone wana fill me in?
    pic from today...

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    buster7467 Well-Known Member

    You really need a better camera. The pic is too blurry to tell anything. And maybe you should get some different soil. That is what i would do if i had problems with it in the first place. Just get some other soil and try again or transplant them into the new soil. I know people on here down talk the mirycal grow soil but the best grow i have done was with it and i am going to use it from now on. You just have to watch to not over fert them and it will be fine.

    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    Yea I do, thats a camera phone but i will be getting a digital cam sometime soon, but theres not really much to see, im simply wondering why the leaves are yellowing on the biggest plant yet not on the others and why it gets more yellow as it grows, im starting to think this is genetics... because this is some shitty bagseed.
    As for the soil, in the country I live in the options are very limited and all i found was some cheap soil from germany, but I have grown before this without the same problem

    hypernovax Well-Known Member

    ok so after some reading up i think i diagnosed the problem myself....
    Im not 100% sure but it seems like it could be this, i didnt expect a plant would get a nute deficiency at only 2.5 weeks old or so

    heres some info i got off another forum
    (The humidity here is always very low, its 21% right now and can be as low as 10% sometimes)
    (my soil on the bag says the ph is 5.5, I def. need to get something done about the ph, but say if i water with nutes now will the potassium be completely locked out?)

    now lastly here are 2 pics of potassium deficiency from the forum i got this info from

    and now heres a pic of my plant

    I think it does look pretty similar

    I could be completely wrong but what do you guys think? should i try watering with 1/4 dose 10-10-10 nutes?

    Dumbbanus Active Member


    Zhu Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem before and it was a nitrogen deficiency . See how the yellow is starting on the soft part of the leaf and not the stemy part, well it will spread all the way down like a big yellow line. If you cant afford decent nutes I suggest you run to the walmart and pick up some miracid. Then take a gallon jug and put 1 and a half heaping tbl spoons in and add some decent water and give her a good soaking till it starts draining out the bottom. Plants number 1 and 2 look a little to weak for this kind of treatment and will most likely die but 3 still has a fighting chance.

    rippintubes Active Member

    I have 6 (1 week old) plants that are being grown in a bubbleponics system. All are growing very quickly, but one in the back has brown dead spots on some leaves, and many have a lot of yellow to them... Since they are in this system, no water touches the leaves so the lights/water did not burn them..I check the ph daily and it seems fine..what else could it be? They are just babies!

    genitalwarts Member

    ive got 3week old in an areogarden and ive got the same prob,,,i think its nut burn.

    whiterhyno420 Well-Known Member

    over fed and over watered they dont need any food at this time man there just babies

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