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Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by JustCurious79, Sep 17, 2013.


    JustCurious79 Active Member

    I was sloppy and ended up putting two seeds on one rockwool cube. Now they both sprouted. Is there any way to separate them by now? Like tearing the rockwool and transplant them in new, separate cubes?
    (Yeah, I know, I have ADD, and sometimes things like this happen despite my medication)

    Walter9999 Active Member

    Taking a knife and cutting them in half will be your best bet...trying to rip them apart will destroy roots...cutting them may harm it a bit...but not to the point of herbicide...

    JustCurious79 Active Member

    They go into hydro anyway. I'll see if I can grow two plants from one bucket. Soil would be far less forgiving to something like this.

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