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1st Grow, hydroponic, 2 weeks into flower, closet, ebb and flow

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by atticus420, Jan 7, 2010.


    atticus420 Member

    Me and my buddy started one "mazar kush" clone about eight weeks ago, and now were two weeks into flowering. We were short on cash but wanted to put something cool together as well. Although we're mostly just experimenting, were looking for some free killer smoke too :bigjoint:. We built an ebb and flow hydroponic system which i designed after watching countless youtube videos and word-of-mouth ideas. We are running the general hydroponics three part system. Were also running CaMg supplement, Soul Synthetics nitrogen supplement(during veg), Gen hydro "kool bloom", aand advanced nutrients "Bud Candy". The plant is looking really healthy and you can start seeing heavy crystal formation around the buds :lol:. This is our first grow EVER and its been a fun and expensive experience. we didnt read into super cropping or how to trim up your plant, so we just let er grow and followed the instructions on the bottles. its all on digital timers so all we have to do is keep the ph in check, and change our nutrient resovour every seven days. Were using a 400w HPS that we got a awesome deal on in a local hydroponic shop. Were only growing one plant (i know lots of work and money for only one plant right?) but like i said its mostly experimental. Tell me what you think. i would love to hear the pros and cons of the grow. thanks for the read and happy blazing!

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    jimmy130380 Well-Known Member

    looks good maybe not photo yourself legal or not
    how do you find koolbloom

    atticus420 Member

    i just went down to the local hydroponic store that carried the General Hydroponics line. they had KoolBloom and Floranector right there. check online?
    tea tree

    tea tree Well-Known Member

    dude, take yerself outa there. Lol. For lots of reasons. Cops can be dicks, theives and nerds wanting to be your freind just as bad. Nice. All green, no burn. Did yu cut the roots in that pic? Big plant for so small root growth, mine usually grow real long fast without media. Some adivce. I use the three part. I use the general hydropinics nute calculator. kool bloom rocks. And gl.

    jimmy130380 Well-Known Member

    no i mean did you enjoy using koolbloom
    did it make a impact
    has any one used quickturn

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