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1st grow evar using Hydro, Autopot System and Autoflowers. Help needed before I start

Discussion in 'Hydroponics / Aeroponics' started by Smeghead, Nov 6, 2013.


    Smeghead Member

    Hi Guys, I will make this my grow thread because I will surely need alot of help. I'll try to keep it all in this thread with updates and questions. I'm planning my first grow with autoflowers so I can get in a harvest and start a 2nd proper grow after I have a stash to medicate with. I'm gathering up all materials, just ordered seeds last night 2x Blueberry Dutch Passion Fem Auto and 3x Auto Jack 47 Fem Auto.

    If I can get 1 small harvest from a couple Autos then it'll hold me over until I start a proper grow. I already received the 4 unit Autopot system with the 37L reservoir and 7 gallon buckets. This will be my watering system. I'm sure I'll need help from seed to smoke so I'll have a few questions to start out on set up.

    • What substrate should I use? Most have said fill the bottom with 1/4 with clay balls (I'll be using an air ring or air dome (something to aerate the root ball)
    • Then use the House and Garden RHP Coco Coir with 30% Perite and about 1/4 inch perite on top. (Is that right?)
    • Germinate the seeds in the cup of tap or distilled water for 48hrs til they crack then put in damp paper towels for a few more days until there's a root.
    • Pop those germinated seeds into rockwool and into the 7 gallon pot already setup with substrate
    • Water top down for 2 weeks (no nutes) with plain tap water or distilled water then turn on the Autopot watering system.
    • Top feed nutes after 4 weeks in a fraction of the quantity stated on the box. I hear Autoflowering plants are sensitive to nutes.
    • I don't know what kind of nute feeding schedule I'll need to follow after this or what I should use as nutes. I was thinking a Miracle Gro grow but I'll invest in the Canna nute products if it will increase quality and yield.
    • I would like high CBD content for pain relief and also high THC content so I don't know when to harvest, or if I need to flush/water/feed with plain tap water for the last 3 weeks.
    I'm sure I've missed heaps. Please help me fill in the gaps and first of all, help me start out right.

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