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177W CFL Closet-Box Microgrow - Platinum OG 12/12 from seed

Discussion in 'Stealth / Micro / Cab Growing' started by dajosh42069, Mar 7, 2014.

    Cereal box

    Cereal box Active Member

    Hope she gets better man! She was looking so good too, in the last pics you posted of her. Hopefully the flush will do her well.

    Also, probably totally wrong here but, I though I read a while ago that canoeing of leaves was a result of rh being high/low. Probably wrong but might be worth looking into.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    The rh could be too low, it's a very dry area, and it usually hovers between 10-20%
    I'm about to post some pics and make a formal request in the plant problem section for help. I've tried these things, and she's only getting worse, and showing additional symptoms. With that information, SOMEONE should be able to give me an accurate diagnosis of my baby. :(

    Ok, so here's the whole deal.;
    Strain: Platinum OG Kush Bagseed
    Age: 17-18 days
    Soil: (REUSED-I know, stupid...) FFOF. Before using, I kept the soil moistened with pH balanced water, rotated and aerated it daily for a week, before transplanting my little sprout into it.
    Pot size: 8.5in Diameter/7.5in height (approx 1.5 gallon pot) {21.6cm diameter/19.1cm height}
    Lights:11PM - 9AM; 287 true-watts of light. I have 7 23W 6500K CFL's, and 3 42W 2300K CFL's running in there, with reflectors (picture with breakdown included)
    Lights: 9AM-2:30PM; Direct Sunlight (everyday)
    Watering: Been watering her every 4-6 days or so, whenever the pot feels light enough and she seems to need it.
    Nutes: Since the soil has been leeched of any nutrients when I was reusing it, I did Miracle Grow All Purpose (24-8-16) at 1/8th strength) for one of the 4 waterings she's received. The final watering (before issues), she was given about 20oz of water with 1 single drop of superthrive, as well as a misting with 1 drop in the spray bottle. { This worries me, as it was the last thing to happen before the onset of serious issues. But i've NEVER had a plant react to the stuff so drastically... so I have my doubts as to how much the Superthrive had to do with it.
    rH: Hovers between 15-28%
    Temps: Between 68°F - 81.5°F (depending on her light source)

    Her problems began approx 40 hours or so ago. It began with her clawing as seen in the pics, and soon after, the leaf tips began to dry up and die, after turning a greenish yellow color.
    Her new growth is looking a little yellowish, and everything is clawing and beginning to show the same signs as the second set of leaf tips did.

    After all this, I realized i'd forgotten to check the runoff before transplant, and when I did, I found that the pH was extremely low, in the 3.5-4.0 area.
    I gave her a good flush of R/O pH 6.5 pure water, about 160oz of water until the runoff was back to about 6.5 again.
    But the final check I ran (5 of 5, when 4 and 3 were properly balanced) came out at about a 4.5 or so.
    I thought I had this situation in hand, but I find myself growing more and more worried, as her growth will be stunted if I can't pull her out of this issue before long.

    So, any advice or thoughts on the matter would be greatly appreciated.
    The only information I can really find tells me that;
    A) My soil pH is off and needs to be fixed.
    B) She's suffering from Nitrogen abundance.
    C) My rH is too low
    D) The heat of the sun (I live in the desert, and the heat from direct sunlight isn't a joke here) is causing issues with her.

    If anyone has dealt with this before, please let me know what I should do to fix it.
    I'm considering doing another flush in order to confirm that her pH is well balanced... but I don't want to over saturate the soil if I don't have to. Flushing is more of a last resort then a cure-all in my opinion.

    Please no insults about my poor choices. (primarily in my decision to REUSE soil, which was a big mistake)

    So this was her just over 48 hours ago;
    Picture 001.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 005.jpg

    This was her at the onset of symptoms, it began with simple clawing on her second set of leaves (3 leaf set)
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 004.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 001.jpg

    And sadly... this is her now. :'(

    Picture 005.jpg Picture 006.jpg Picture 007.jpg Picture 008.jpg Picture 009.jpg

    And the lighting setup for her currently. The grow is in a cardboard box, which i'm sure only drops the humidity even further.
    Picture 020 (breakdown).jpg

    I very much would love some feedback, and/or help. Thank you.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    As mentioned in a thread I started in the Plant Problem forum. In case anyone reads and wants the additional information as requested by another. ;)


    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    And another.


    NerdGrower Active Member

    Wow she looks in a bad way! :( I just think it's a combination of low humidity and that spray of nutes on the leaves. Never heard of anyone before who does that :o
    The leaves may not be able to cope with nutes sprayed directly on them.

    Also, to get your humidity up, place an open glass of water next to the plant, the water will evaporate and your humidity should go up a lot, as long as you don't open your growbox too much.

    Hope I'm helping! :) I'm still very much a noob but can't stand seeing plants in such a way :(

    good luck and peace

    CoolDudeStuff Active Member

    Dajosh, what's up with the focus on your camera, mate?

    I really can't see anything, the pictures look better when I don't open them.

    I can only wish you luck, can't be just guessing things!!


    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    The camera totally sucks. Has no macro mode, lol. Those are literally, the best I can get them. >_<

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Also, i COULD be wrong, but her new growth is starting to look a little nicer in terms of color. The stem is still looking healthy, and she might be starting to improve since the flush.
    I'm hoping when I get home tonight from work that she's doing a little better.

    NerdGrower Active Member

    Hope so too! :) with a bit of luck she'll recover quickly :)
    Maxed Out

    Maxed Out Member

    Looks like low humidity, cardboard sucks the moisture out of the air. You said you are located in the desert, dry air. Don't spray your foliage with nutes. Wait for the plant to use the nutes in the soil. Save yourself some kilowatts, reduce your bulb count for now and get one of those fixtures down closer to the plant. Give it a chance, its durable to a point.Get a small fan blowing across it, it will strengthen the stalk. Moving the light closer will prevent it from stretching. Easy on the nutes when you do start, 1/8 to 1/4 strength will do. Add lights accordingly. Good Luck!

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    All the lights are close, there's virtually NO stretch, there's more then enough fans blowing on it, in fact it's been moving almost constantly, im worried it's TOO strong. The spray was a mistake, but mostly because I put TOO much in there. It was enough to burn her most likely. I over superthrived her for sure.
    I will try to get the humidity up, fix the issue she has and all...but the rest im doing is fine. Lights and ventilation I mean.
    Maxed Out likes this.

    lowryderlove Well-Known Member

    Holy crap, read through the whole six pages adn they are on week two?! LOL I love your enthusiasm.

    Maybe though, you are fretting too much over such a youngling? Just one too, not good chances its a female :(
    dajosh42069 likes this.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    It's a bag seed, odds on its a female. And my fretting has been due to its recent issues. Once I transplant, things should begin to improve.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Ok, so I got her transplanted. Her new growth looks happy and healthy. So fingers crossed, she should get back to the business of growing properly.
    Also, I planted a second chron bagseed, as well as a mexican ditch weed sativa seed. I figure if I do 3 plants, at least 1 will be female. And I will likely not be letting the sativa make it to full term. They get way too tall. Just fun to play with and practice on really. But my 20 day old girl is hopefully on her way to a full recovery. She looks a little beat up, but her new growth looks nice, and I hope it continues on that way. Thanks again to everyone who helped me out on that one.
    Here's the pics of my baby in her new soil;
    Picture 010.jpg Picture 011.jpg Picture 012.jpg

    And on an unrelated note. Outside my sisters apartment, she has this tree growing, I took some clones of it to plant here at my house too. So far, 3 days later, the clones are still alive and kicking. Roots to come soon I hope. :D

    NerdGrower Active Member

    She's looking a bit better already :) She's a bit behind on growth but she should survive :p this'll probably effect your harvest a lot though :/


    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Undoubtedly. But I may just veg her for couple extra weeks toilet her fully recover and put her in a position to produce better buds. I got some perlite today, gonna mix it with the miracle grow mix tonight (Or in the morning, I'm fuckin spent). But I'm hoping my beans will pop soon. If I'm gonna risk growing 1, I may as well risk growing 2-3. And my first being stunted may help make up for the fact that the last ladies were planted 20 days behind the first! Lol

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    LOL, to the couple'a guys who follow my grow. I just put a STUPID amount of CFL's in that box man. 16 of them. 3 27W 2700K, 4 42W 2300K, and 9 23W 6500K. :grin:
    456W of mixed spectrum wonder, stuffed into a box. And temps are still at 68F. :wink:
    Y splitters are your friend. :grin: I intend on fixing up a board with holes so I can run my bulbs on an adjustable height rack, instead of having a bunch of hanging cords.
    Only 4 cords hanging down though. 2 reflectors with 3 bulbs each. (6), 1 3 socket plug with outlet to socket adapaters, each with a Y adapter with 6 bulbs (6), and a lamp cord and socket hanging with a Y adapter with 2 Y adapters and 4 bulbs (4), for 16 total.
    Seems to be working. :D

    CoolDudeStuff Active Member

    Lots o' light bro!
    You sure she can use all this light or are you just raising your electricity bill?


    NerdGrower Active Member

    What cooldude said :p Don't really know if you're going overkill here :p but hey if the temps are the same it shouldn't hurt :p


    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Quite frankly, it was more of a test to see if I could make it work. She more then likely isn't using it all, no.
    But, since the nights are cold, and the ventilation pulls from outside, the extra lighting helps keep the temps at a good level. 68-74

    Once she's older, i'll use the lights as I just designed, and once the others are in there, I will also.
    Mainly, as I said, I wanted to make sure it could be done.

    Also, it's along the same lines as someone using a 400W MH for a couple plants, when we're trying to replicate THE SUN, I don't know that any amount is too much. That being said, she more then likely doesn't need them all, and I will change it accordingly.
    Today is the day I get more work done, need to add the perlite to all my plants (in my garden, as well as my baby) and I take her light down by an hour in preperation to go to 12/12. She'll be at full 12/12 by the end of the week.

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