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16 days from seed and this happens? pic added:)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by HIGHperSpace420, Feb 20, 2013.


    HIGHperSpace420 Member

    Hey guys this is my first post so if I don't follow proper edicate I'm sorry.

    A bit about me and my ladies. I have almost a year under my belt and its been a fun filled journey so far with many rewards. This site has helped me more than I could have dreamed:)

    My girls are Barney's LSD. 15 of them to be exact. All of them look exceptional except this one? I've spent numerous hours over the year studying the deficiency charts and I'm still questioning what to do next since these babies are new. Here's what I got. Vegging under 5t ho. 5 inches from the tops. Humidity always around 45 to 55% and temps always around 75f. I only water when the 5 gallon bucket feels light and I haven't given them any nutrients. I use Aurora roots organic soil.

    I'm sure I have missed something but hopefully this pic tells the story.

    I have narrowed it down to either a ph issue or a potassium deficiency. I hope the gurus will chime in and level me with some knowledge.

    Thanks to all who view. I couldn't have done it without ya:) if I don't respond promptly its because its 4am I have to work tomorrow so I will reply ASAP. Thanks again for your time.

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    HIGHperSpace420 Member

    Anybody have any ideas? I would greatly appreciate any input. If more pics are needed just let me know. Thanks for your help.

    hydrosoil78 Active Member

    it doesnt look like it gets much light in the photo-do you move them around or is it because of the pattern of light in that spot? It looks pretty bad to me like it might do better under a single 23 watt cfl in a clamp lamp (or any HID lamp). Try watering it every other day or every day if you haven't been . a 1/4 or 1/2 dose of fish emulsion or dyna/gro or tiger bloom would probably help plus foliar water and fertilizer when the light is enough. You can usually get a tester with a light meter for under 10$ at home depot etc.

    Mcwhippin420 Active Member

    yeah whata kinda light....n when is last time they hav been fed ??

    oh says u aint fed.... maybe they need some looks like K def i believe kinda but i am terrible at reading plants haha so dont take my word :weed:

    achaser87 Active Member

    ive got a 15 day old LSD right now, completley different phenos tho. ill be following to see how it turns out goodluck

    HIGHperSpace420 Member

    Thanks for the replies:) she is under a t5 with red/blue spectrum 54 watt ecolux bulbs.

    I haven't fed them cause all my reading implied not to feed till the 4th to 5 node is apparent.

    Ill post a pic of her sister. All the others look like this. And I havent done anything different to any of them.

    Hydrospoil78 - I do move them every 3-4 days.

    Mcwhippin420 - my guess was k deficiency too.

    I use nectar for the gods nutrients. So I will look into a dose of k and see where we stand.

    Since I started in 5 gal buckets from seed the soil stays moist for about 4 days.

    I do aerate with a straw to allow the soil to dry a little faster.

    Thanks again I greatly appreciate it;)

    I will defititely keep people posted on this topic.

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    HIGHperSpace420 Member

    I forgot to mention I ph my water at 6.5 every time.

    whodatnation Well-Known Member

    If the other 14 plants look like the last one, I would not be worried one bit :-) Maybe that particular pheno is a particularly light feeder and the soil was just a tad hot (strong) for it at that young age.
    One thing I would like to say, its always good to water in relation to your root mass. I try to envision how big it is, and water accordingly. So if I have 5 gallons of soil and a seedling I feel there is no need to moisten the entire container when only a pint may be needed :eyesmoke: As the plant gets bigger the root mass grows more and more water is needed each time. On top of that I also like to have a proper root mass to plant mass ratio,,, I see too many people trying to grow big plants in small containers. My motto is "more roots more fruits"
    Hope this helps you out.

    HIGHperSpace420 Member

    Thanks whodatnation;)the others all look great! I literally just fed them with nutes for the first time. My tap water is 190 to 200 ppm and the mutes I just gave them came to 250ppm. Starting small has been the key to my success.

    I truly appreciate all the help, to all of you +Rep.

    I think I found my home away from home haha.

    whodatnation Well-Known Member

    Very good to start off at the 50ppm :-) I cant stress how clutch keeping it simple is... Keep it up.

    bottletoke Well-Known Member

    post back if it helped, soo many threads where the op gets a ton of tips but they never return to say what actually helped.
    ps: nice plant!

    HIGHperSpace420 Member

    Thanks for your help all of you;)

    HIGHperSpace420 Member

    Bottletoke - I will definitely post back, I understand your frustration with that. Its my belief why so many questions turn up with the reply, "I used the search but it didnt help."

    I'm most likely gonna be updating this for the next couple months. If I'm unlucky there will many issues addressed for people to learn from my mistakes. If it goes like the rest of my grows, there should only be a couple here and there:)

    thanks for the support.

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