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150w hps or 6 bulb T5 for autoflower.

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by VACAVILLE,CA.GROWER, Nov 24, 2017.


    VACAVILLE,CA.GROWER Well-Known Member


    4(207) Member

    T5 for yield but only if you train her well. Wide and flat to match the t5 shape evenly would blow away a 150 hps any day imo.

    4(207) Member

    But autos have no veg time so honestly, for you a 150 hps would be better suited for one auto.
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    Organic Altruism

    Organic Altruism Active Member

    The T5's are better, they will be in most cases, so long as you've been/plan on training your canopy.

    vostok Well-Known Member

    a really catchy question this be!

    the T5's have shitty penetration 8 inches at best

    less on the 2ft tubes

    the 150 HPS puts out more heat than light

    bleed a little more get the 250 HPS does 2 plants grand

    good luck

    Smok3yMcChok3y Well-Known Member

    Anyone else notice we waited 4 months to answer? Btw I had the 150hps years ago and ditched.it after round one. Jist drop a couple hundred and get a cool tube 400 or something. Apollo ones will be fine for a good long while. Trust me on that.

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