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150w HPS Econ LIGHT SETUP, Grow!!-PICS

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by soudy, Oct 29, 2008.


    soudy Active Member

    hey guys, ive posted a few threads before, but this is the final product, i got my 150w HPS bulb from econ light, and did the remote ballast.
    well this is my stealth grow cab!!
    so i ordered the 150w hps/ballast plus an extra 150w hps bulb, for a just incase use haha, i just finished rigging it with my friend, so far i ahve it runnin for about 15min and nothing is spakring nor is it gettin that hott..

    i will be flowering in the dresser and vegging in my pc -pics below

    This one is when the doors are all off, i also took 2 black pillow cases and duck taped them around the edges so it would be easier to roll up and to keep the light in and light out when needed.



    Here is a pic of the remote ballast, BTW i got a question..i put a metal clamp on the 2 orange extension cords that run out, well theres a clamp on the inside holding the 2 inplace and in there so if i pull on the cord the wires wont get all fucked up, so would that be a problem? i also like pushed all the wires down in there will that thing get too hot and maybe melt the wires? its probably touching the ignitor and ballast?

    and this is my PC veg box, just for the clones and seedlings and maybe a small mother plant..

    shuld be gettin good ass clones soon
    and have a few seeds in germ, 1 sprout
    thanks soudy

    soudy Active Member


    CuriousSoul Well-Known Member

    I like the PC stealth box. I might just steal that idea; I cannot think of a better use for a Dell. Does the light penetrate out much once all the casing is on?

    Tippingpoint New Member

    Yeah, that's pretty neat.

    soudy Active Member

    ehh well just the ports on the back..but sum mylar will cver it up..yeh its an overall good space..

    soudy Active Member

    so far im having trouble keepin 100% of the light in, does anyone have any ideas on what i can do to keep all the light in? and to make sure all the light stays out.right now i have 2 pillow cases almost stacked and ducktaped together, and drilled in at the top and it rolls up.

    awry Well-Known Member

    what i did with my 150w that is in my closet and leaks crazy light, is i got visquine the painters plastic put that all around my grow area, then i hung up a fatty blanket up behind the plastic so it covers all the cracks.

    instead of pillo cases use like 2 beach towells and it will block bout everything u have, it should

    btw where did u get that little fan? i need 1 of them lol...

    walmart aint got shit.. esp for winter.. i dont any heated fans hah

    MacEzy Well-Known Member

    is it gonna be moved to a closet of something for flowering?

    soudy Active Member

    no thats where i am flowering, i am vegging in the pc grow box, but im only veggin till about 4-5in then im flowering, like 18-20 plants in at a time, just different ages, like im adding 3-4 clones a week till its full, so in like 2-3months , theres gonna be a 4week period where i am harvesting a new crop every week, and i hope to get that to where there is no down time and every week is just a small harvest, off of like 3-4 plants a week(like 1.5/2ftft tall) maybe like 10-15g each maybe, well it all depends on how tall they grow i may be able to veg longer and get a better yield per each plant..

    soudy Active Member

    i believe igot the fans from home depot for like $8 each, not sure.

    soudy Active Member

    yeh beach towels would probably work bettter, cuz the pillow cases dont hold 100% but im sure if i put velcro all around the edges, and velcro the towel to the edge, that would work probably alot better and fill 100% of the light leaks.and velcro cant even be that much. lol. but i wuld put duct tape to add form/stability wen i roll it up and hook it to the top handle.

    soudy Active Member


    mugen167 Well-Known Member

    were didi you get the light from and does it run your elc. bill up high???

    soudy Active Member

    i got my 150w hps from http://www.e-conolight.com/ under vapor tights, and its the $20 one Not the $25 dollar one, and its 32 with shipping..and the temps are good and i havent had it long enuf to see my bill difference,i doubt it would cuz my pc has a 450w and ive got a few other high wattage things, so i thnk this wuld blend in good.

    jesus420 Well-Known Member

    only thing you're really gonna notice on elec. bill is if you are running like 600+ watts 24/0. anything 400 and under on 18/6 or less is negligible. i mean it's like leaving your PS3 on all day.

    for reference a fridge uses 400 watts 24/0.

    it's about the same as installing a minfridge with a 150.

    soudy Active Member

    yeh i didnt think it wuld be that much of a difference with this 150w, but an update, the plant is about 3in, i will have a pic up tomarrow,

    boricuaboi Well-Known Member

    hi guy very intrested in your hps grow i have one too and also 6 cfls too looking good for starters!!

    Gr8fulGreen Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure how you have those draws setup still, but if you made it so it was just the facing, you could mount them all together by running some 2 x 4 or smaller lumber in strategic pints, or even with metal, whatever floats your boat. Than you could probably hook up a couple hinges and a magnetic holder fore when its closer so it just swings open and stays shut when you want.

    You could run some foam rubber insulation stuff that comes in those little rolls, the things they use for windows and hvac in the outer and inner seams where the doors close. There is tape available that looks like wood grain that can help stealth things up as well, in case you need it somewhere on the outer area. Also foil tape is pretty handy inside for the seams/corners/edges.

    Just some ideas.

    boricuaboi Well-Known Member

    i have a dresser i would make a door out of the doors heres a peak of what mines look like its 98% light proof

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    HydroBandits Well-Known Member

    Where are you getting the clones from? where is your mother plant?

    i like your setup btw

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