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150 Watt 2x2 SOG Grow

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by Superpats, Aug 30, 2011.


    Superpats Member

    Can you let me know what you think of this idea or if it is possible? In a 2x2 tent with 150 HPS light I want to use a 15 5.5" planter ebb & flow system (megagarden). If I use clones and start flowering almost immediatly after the have been rooted. Do you think I could could fit 15 plants 2'-3' feet tall with a big single cola?
    Phillip J Fry

    Phillip J Fry Active Member

    if the buckets fit it will work. the thing is each plant is only gonna get as wide as the space given. I would want to be able to walk around and check each plant, not sure there is room for that.

    Trizzy Member

    That's way too much for such a little space mabe find something a little bigger and 150 watt gives off mad heat in sucha small space it cud be problems

    mijola3 Active Member

    go with 2-4 clones and a few weeks veg time, or think about a screen and 1-2 plants and veg them untill the screen is FULL then flip to flower. if you did just SOG your looking at 8 plants TOPS.
    anyway you could try 15 just make sure you take some pictures to prove us wrong lol
    goodluck with whatever you decide
    just my 2cents

    Superpats Member

    I have a 6" inline fan and charcoal filter, so I am hoping heat won't be a problem. Each plant will have about 6" of space. I am going to keep them very small & lollipop them. Probbally only 3 to 4" when they go to 12/12 for flowering. I only want to pull an 1/8 oz dry off each plant. Giving me about 2 oz total each harvest. If I can take clones from the cuttings when I lollipop I hope to have a harvest every couple months. Anyone know a good thread that might help me out?

    Lidz Member

    there is a sticky thread on the indoor growing forum aboug SOG. a alternative route would be Scrog, would be easier to manage in the veg room. and start showing flowers faster than a lolipop plant. and wont need to wait 1 week for clones to grow roots. a week before the flowering room harvest you could clone the veg scrogged plant to take its place after the harvest.

    jiffjacksmokes Active Member

    BULLSHIT. I have a 2 ft squared grow on the go and temps are just fine! AND I am using a 250w not a 150w. You have to take in account the ventilation setup amigo.

    vilify Well-Known Member

    you would be better off with a scrog type grow in a 2x2. Im using a 4x2 tent for veg, for a sog style grow, and even that is becoming too little for the amount of plants i run through.

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