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14 days under 12/12 and still no flowers!!!!

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by UABudda, Oct 26, 2008.


    UABudda Active Member

    how much longer do i really have to wait? if my plant is rated for 8 weeks of flower does that mean 8 weeks as soon as i see the first hairs? or 8 total weeks of 12/12. Becuase if it takes 2-3 weeks for me to even see the beginning hairs.. then that only leaves 5 weeks for the rest of the process which doesnt seem like a long enough time

    guudbud Well-Known Member

    The plant is done when it shows it's done not by a advertised duration it's more so a avarage timeline than anything..

    UABudda Active Member

    well does 14 days of 12/12 and no signs say anything at all? Why are they taking their sweet time!?!?! ive seen people post pics with flowers and shit after a a week or so of 12/12 :wall:

    tems Well-Known Member

    what kind of strain is it?

    iRrobot Active Member

    Just thought i'd poke my nose in here to see whats going on... humm 14 days still no flowers on a 12 / 12 cycle... thats strange you should start seeing some white pistles showing at this point. But their right it does depend on the stain. To help flowering more faster use a HPS light which has more red in it. Also if you have any type of light during the 12 hour dark period this will slow your flowering down A LOT NO LIGHT AT ALL for the 12 hours dark!

    UABudda Active Member

    well i have 4 thai super skunks and 3 white widows, 2 of the widows have the white hairs on them and 3 of the skunks do as well. BUt there is 1 ww and 1 ss that still hassnt shown any signs of flowering....

    I am using a 1000w hps light, i thought about making a grow journal but my pics dont show my plants off at all! how do you guys get those nice close up shots?

    UABudda Active Member

    and also one of the reasons i was bitching is even though i have 7 plants flowering, its still been 14 days and all the have are a few white hairs here and there... When will i start to see actuall Buds form?

    btw they all started stinkin like hell durring the past week, and its weird becuase they dont have any bud growth yet, but it does seem like the stalks on all of them got these white specs all over them. I rubbed my finger down the stalk and collected alot of this white stuff on the tip of my finger at it is indeed the cause of all the smell, my fingers smelt like dank!

    crazyoutlaw New Member

    First thing's first,it IS a very annoying factor of growing..having to wait FOREVER for some real nice budding to begin...however,you must remember that those pistils DO come from bud sites...each pistil coems from a single small flower site,and during the flowering process,the buds "stack up",ending in nice big flower clusters that VERY grower wants....So if there are pistils,or "hairs",then there are bud sites...just not enough for you to be able to see the "big buds"that result from weeks of flowering...Also,what light are you using?Id recommened a 400W HPS or stronger for flowering....the red light spectrum mimics the natural orange tinge of the "harvest sun"....or the later months of the year.

    Also,you might wanna leave the plants in TOTAL DARKNESS for up to 24 hours before making the light switch..this will "reset"their internal clocks,ad can shed 1-2 weeks of flowering...it basically forces the plat to show sex and begin flowering than just making the normal 12/12 switch.Also,what nutes are you using?Look into mollases...and stop feeding high nitrogen now,and higher pottash and phosphorous..

    atombomb Well-Known Member

    PATIENCE, My friend, PATIENCE, Relax a little, If they are for sure fems, they will become buds.....in time. I have one plant that showed fem in 10 days and 2 that were flowered from seed that took 30 days and were also fems. Trust me you have a whole shit load of waiting and watching before you actually see "BUDS" so to speak. Mine are 7 weeks into flowering and just in the last couple weeks look like the buds I was after when I started this whole project.

    Still patiently waiting A bomb

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