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130w CFL grow plant leaves turning brown

Discussion in 'CFL / Fluorescent Lighting' started by JesseeJJ, Jul 12, 2013.


    JesseeJJ New Member

    Hey guys,

    Recently i've noticed that one of my smaller plants leave tips are turning brown, and I'm not sure why.
    I've raised the light but it still seems to keep burning.
    I have put in a little fan blowing directly at the light to see if it makes a difference, but as of yet nothing has changed and more newer leaves are burning.

    Pics attached.
    Any ideas?


    Attached Files:

    Sire Killem All

    Sire Killem All Well-Known Member

    looks like nute burn..

    JesseeJJ New Member

    It really hasn't had any nutrients apart from the little blood and bone mixed in with the soil during planting..

    Should I try flushing it?

    GrowinDad Well-Known Member

    It is not the light. CFL will only burn if physically touching.

    Have you been sprayjng the leaves! I see a big drop of water of one.

    TheDude0007 Active Member

    yip nute burn for sure and a bad case of it, especially since the plants are still so small. I would imagine that the roots are really burned also. You will now have issues with nute uptake as the hairs on the roots are damaged, so you will notice other issues creeping in. Looking at your soil it is pretty wet so I am thinking overwatering and over feeding. You will need to flush to try and save these plants, that means just water no nutes and you need to stay off the nutes for a while like 2 weeks at least then start giving them 1/10th of what you have been feeding and no more. Good luck bro, they can be saved but it will take lots of love and care. Really feel for you, we have all been there, this is how you learn.

    TheDude0007 Active Member

    I notice you say that it "really hasn't had any nutes"..... are you sure if not that blood and bone is the problem, that stuff works great but in a small pot with a seedling it would be very strong for them and if you even gave a little nutes it would have been too much as the blood and bone would probably have been enough for the life of the plant. Personally I never touch blood and bone for weed plants, garden plants yes.... Yes you should flush but try not to drown the plants. I would say make you you just water with water and if you really have not added nutes then maybe you should consider repotting in a more neutral soil mix with no blood and bone added.

    BBbubblegum Well-Known Member

    Stop spraying the leaves. It also needs a transplant. Looks like the soil is too hot. Should go get a seedling mix.

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