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12/12 From Seed - Indoor Sativa Cannabis Grow - Lots of Pictures

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by MedicalMarijuanaGuy, Feb 2, 2010.


    MedicalMarijuanaGuy Active Member

    These plants were all grown 12/12 from seed with reused Miracle-Gro Soil...Please refrain from lecturing on how "miracle-gro" sucks....been there, done that. Happy Grows People.

    PS - U will notice some serious heat/light burn involved ....yea, I am aware of it.

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    That 5hit

    That 5hit Well-Known Member

    no no looks good to me
    and i have never bought into the MG soil is bad thought
    my first grow ever was with MC and i gat good results
    keep growing happy buds m8

    MedicalMarijuanaGuy Active Member

    I really appreciate that. I had thought my first response would be something smart-ass. Thanks very much. This is a very experimental grow, and so far It seems to be going well. I do not plan on pruning or anything...well, thats a lie..I plan on taking some clones. I plan on letting this go as is as much as possible. Any guesses on what you think my yeild will be for the biggest plant?

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