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12/12...13/11...11/13.... light schedules

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by BurnDatShit35, Apr 16, 2010.


    BurnDatShit35 Well-Known Member

    So i was doing some reasearch and I came across a post hat said to help flowering plants mature faster, a person could switch thier light schedule from 12 on 12 off...the effect of this was to mature the plants faster at the loss of some weight......

    I was wondering if it work the other war....if a person increased thier light schedule from 12/12 to 13 on 11 off. would that cause buds to ripen more slowly but add more weight??

    Wetdog Well-Known Member

    If it did, don't you think it would be a common practice by now?


    CLOSETGROWTH Well-Known Member

    Keep it on 12/12.. its the classic way of doing things, and Im sure 99.5% of us are using this schedule.

    You know why? Because it works ;-)

    sixstring2112 Well-Known Member

    Lots of info out there on this. Not just this site. i use 13 on 11 off, if you do the math it comes out to about 17% more growing time over a 8 week flower time. there is a thread here that a guy uses 36 on 12 off and the plants look good.14 on 10 off is all they need to flower (9 hr 40 min off)the pic of my avitar is 10 days and the close up, same plant. i gave it 12/12 for 3 days and now its on 13/11. and yes it is showing a little heat stress in the close up ( 95f ) for about5 hours:0

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    Cereall Well-Known Member

    i did 13 on 11 off
    it slowed my growth way down i feel, yeah i gained a little bit of weight but it seems like the plants took forever to finish and for the trichs to change colors

    def never going to do that again but you dont know how it works until you try
    pack a matic

    pack a matic Member

    my last i gave them an extra hour of dark 11 on 13 off for the last couple of weeks just for fun and i didnt really notice much deference i have tried different shit and always went back to 12 / 12

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