10000k 14000k bulbs aquarium metal halide?

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by chrisopher, Nov 2, 2010.


    chrisopher Active Member

    I'm looking at 150w mh bulbs for vegging and have found a ballast that uses the double ended rx7 bulbs. They come in a range of colours but most of them are 10000-14000k, is this a suitable range for growing or not. Here's an example:
    Also, I thought the highest range was 6500k, I'm confused.

    kudaross Active Member

    The highest range for growing cannabis is 6500k..

    DieselB Member

    Yeah, those lights are for growing coral, under water plants and whatnot, definitely the wrong spectrum for cultivating cannabis.

    BlueB Active Member

    huh? if that was true then plants wouldn't grow under the sun ya know? northern climates have a 14000k spectrum during the brightest cloud free day. plants grow pretty dang nice in Alaska from what I see there. Bulbs are also not all made the same. The Kelvin measurement is a "color spectrum average" of the wavelengths in the bulb that's all. You could easily make a bulb with the perfect wavelengths containing quite a bit of blue and red and measure it at 14000k or even higher than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BlueB Active Member

    if you took a pure actinic bulb which is rated at 20000k and added a bunch of pure red bulbs you could get it to average out at 6000k and it would still not grow shit.

    BlueB Active Member

    Ya gotta look at the spectral analysis or you won't know shit.

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