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100 grams of diesel widow bud shake = cornacopia of greatness

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by weedsofdestiny, Jan 8, 2009.


    weedsofdestiny Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone Just posting in this part of the forum because I just finished cooking canna food all day and heres what I put into everything.

    100 Grams of Diesel/widow bud shake from my last harvest.


    2 lbs of butter


    75 peices of Cannafood that has me High since 3:00 p.m. it is now 1:00 a.m. ( I only ate 1 and 1/2 treats.)

    I made around 30 peanut butter cookies that required the least amount of butter for creation, however the potency of the butter makes it so these get you right with a really drastic body buzz. :weed:

    24 brownie cookie bars

    These are no doubt the highest potency and one of these bad girls could put you to bed if you eat it toooo fast..... :clap:

    12 devils food chocolate cake

    These are better than the peanut butter cookies, not as potent as the brownie cookie bars.

    12 Extra dark chocolate brownies

    These babies are better than the cakes, but still not as good as the cookie/brownie bars because its jus the brownie, but still these honies will do ya just fine if your lookin to ride the wave of body =buzzin=:o

    Wondering how high I got and what this stuff amounts to?

    Heres pics:


    The great pyramid of Canna

    Oooh those really potent cookie brownie bars I was speaking of....


    Stone hedge with brownies and cookie bars.... this man made structure seems to be supported by millions worldwide!:clap:


    heres my journal too ifyou wanna see some silver pearls, and some other great strainds getting it on

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    moose88 Well-Known Member

    hahahah you must be backed kudos for stonhedge

    "SICC" Well-Known Member

    hahahhaha stone hedge, thats looks soo good :weed: , nice job, +REP

    craca102 Well-Known Member

    Nice looking treats ya got there. Love it when a cooking adventure works out well.

    How long you simmer the butter for? Just wondering. I'm about to head to the kitchen to make my batch of brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

    macdadyabc Well-Known Member

    i saw the stone hinge and started cracking up instantly. Those brownies are hot. Good work. +rep

    weedsofdestiny Well-Known Member

    Hey I simmered the butter for around 3 hours long, every hour or so I turn the heat up a bit extra and stir that the whole time until I turn it back down to norm simmer, but I guess even when its simmering I stir like every 15 mins or whenever theres an oily residue that you can see on top stir it up!

    noltnercr03 Well-Known Member

    haha now your pantry is full for like what 5 days?

    weedsofdestiny Well-Known Member

    haha for sure

    but really i only ate 2 so far and haven't smoked in almost 2 days cuz im so blazed.... haha its fucking great:weed:

    Im gonna start handing these out to anyone who wants any just leave me a message and ill e-mail you one A.S.A.P.!

    kevin Well-Known Member

    if only it was that easy....they look delicious!!!!

    Im gonna start handing these out to anyone who wants any just leave me a message and ill e-mail you one A.S.A.P.![/quote]

    noltnercr03 Well-Known Member

    Ill take one sent it priority shipping please overnight will work

    weedsofdestiny Well-Known Member

    :joint:NO prob dude

    offgridgrower Well-Known Member

    you can send my standard mail, i can wait!!!

    patr12312 Active Member

    ill take one

    CamKron Active Member

    if you are really giving these away, i'd love one!
    regular mail will do just fine :)

    Hazmat Well-Known Member

    + rep for the stone henge of canna food.

    Hazmat Well-Known Member

    I'll take one for sho if like it was stated before, if only it were that easy.

    weedsofdestiny Well-Known Member

    if maryjane is legalized i swear ill send some of these babies out to some of the first responders ! for the later responders i will try and get as much food and butter made possible to supply the never ending stream of people if this does go thorugh hahaa

    BeenBurned Active Member

    I'm thinkin' stoned henge:bigjoint:
    the goodies look great

    weedsofdestiny Well-Known Member

    thanks beenburned I haven't posted on this thread in a few months but im just suprised that nobody else likes the pyramid of canna and stoners hedge ..

    k3nz1387 Well-Known Member

    lol thats awesome bet those treats got you blazed for hours. everytime i eat a gd canacookie i can't move of the chair:bigjoint:

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