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10' x 10' room ideas!?!?

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design & Setup' started by skitch7, Feb 17, 2010.


    skitch7 Active Member

    i have a 10' x 10' room and what is the most practical way to set it up? Around how many plants can fit in the whole room and what kind of lights should be used to cover the space from corner to corner? any suggestions pleaseee.. bongsmilie

    FootClan Well-Known Member

    Theres so many different things you could do with a 10x10 space. Tell people what your goal is and how much u have to work with. Do you want a veg and flowr room or just one room? hydro? soilless mix? soil?

    skitch7 Active Member

    the whole 10' x 10' room is for flowering... i want to try to fit as much as I can without overcrowding.. i was thinking maybe around 70plants with 4 x 1000watts (will it cover the whole space?), but will it be too crowded? i plan to use hydro but i dont know which hydro system is efficient for that amount of plants? i have some good deals on supply so.. please can anyone help me with the general idea of how the room should be planned out?

    tat2ue Well-Known Member

    I run a 8 x 12 flower room that supports a 160 plant SOG perpetual grow. Maybe I can help you out. Give me some more info what you are trying to accomplish.

    Since you said this will be a flower room I am assuming (dangerous word) that you have a mother/clone room elsewhere under roof.

    If your gonna do hydro what are your plans...ebb and flow (thats what I do) , drip system w/ buckets (buckets in a 10 x 10 area is not space efficient in my opinion),ect...How big and how many tables if your going that route.??

    Lights...imho, 600w digitals would be a better choice than 1000w HPS.

    Have you thought about the electrical load this room will pull??? I had to wire dedicated circuits on a 120v and a 240v line to ensure that my location wouldn't burn down from the heavy amp pull. A serious mistake a lot of people make is thinking that any room will support grow lights just because the plug fits into wall receptacle. You may get away with one or two 400w lights but start adding pumps, fans, air stones, ect and before you know it, here comes the fire trucks.. Not saying that you don't know this, I always add this in when I talk to people who have grow-op plans and I am just safety conscious....Anyway kinda think it thru and let me know if I can help..Either in your forum or PM me.


    abesmitty Active Member

    Ill tell you what i got and what problems i ran into and maybe you can see how you want to do it differently.

    I have...

    Two 600w hps with reflectors
    Im doing soil in 3 gal pots it can fit about 60 total
    I have an a/c unit cooling them
    I built a 10x10 8ft high room in a room with visqueen enclosing it

    I ran into a few problems...

    Not enough light to support all of the ladies (60)
    Not enough room to water easly
    I had to cool the room so i had to but a a/c unit (expensive to run... like 500 elec bill)

    Now if you ask me what i would have done differently i would have...

    Got water cooled lights (4) 600w or 1000w hps (i live in a fairely warm climate)
    I would have done hydro definatly probably the drip type

    Im definatly going to mod my room but i had no one to help me and unfortunatly there wasnt someone like me at your next move so im learning the expensive way... not suggested. I think you need to definatly do hydro but depending on your climate you need to figure out if you can handle the heat the 1000w lights are going to put out and then plan for the worst (backup plan). you might just want to stick to 4 600w and maybe throw a couple floresence around the sides of your ladies. hoped this helped lemme know what other questions you might have and ill help you... unless you found this no help then disregaurd.

    good luck

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