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Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by shystieboyz, Feb 23, 2007.


    shystieboyz Active Member

    i have a 10 x 10 grow room and about 6feet high....i have 6 hps......how much is a good amount of green to expect to grow per cycle. if its possible to guestimate from this....ill be growing kush from 48 clones

    videoman40 New Member

    You dont say what size lights you have, but in any event, thats about 8 plants per light. (Assuming the 48 plants mentioned) Set aside some space for a mother, and keep the clones coming and you'll be self suffucient. The mother dosent need much space, maybe a shelf on the wall for her and for the clones you'll be making.
    48 plants is alot, and obviously your in this for profit, I am not too farmaliar with your strain, but I did look it up where I buy seeds and theres many different strains of kush, with varying flower times from 7 weeks to 10 weeks, based on what I read.
    You want a short flowering cycle, and grow sog style, when your grow is about 2 weeks from finishing, you want to be readying your next clones from your mother(s), you may want 2 mothers in fact.
    You could end up harvesting 48 oz's every 6 or 7 weeks this way.

    shystieboyz Active Member

    my bad...they are 1000 watts

    dursky Well-Known Member

    check out the new solarmax1 bulb which you need a 1000 watt hps ballast.

    abudsmoker Well-Known Member

    6k in 10 x 10 is too much. 4 is a magic number. heats gonna get you

    shystieboyz Active Member

    ok.....thats what i needed to know....i also have 2 vortecs 6in should i use both or just 1

    btt Well-Known Member

    I would use both. Either both as exhausts, or one to blow in fresh air and the other to exhaust the warm, stale air.

    videoman40 New Member

    I think you want a passive system, meaining both fans on exhaust, which will create a vacuum of sorts, so long as there is new air available from somewhere, a series of drilled holes, another room, a window or whatever.

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