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10 Weeks Flowering - Yellowing Leaves - This Normal? - Pics

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by John Michaels, May 28, 2011.

    John Michaels

    John Michaels Member

    Plants are 10 weeks into flowering. He is currently running roughly 170 true watts with temps around 76 to 83 F. He has read a lot that this is normal and could be an indication that the plant is reaching maturity. Pictures included 5-27-11 002.jpg 5-27-11 005.jpg 5-27-11 006.jpg 5-27-11 009.jpg . Please any advice is helpful.

    cannabis420420 Well-Known Member

    very nice lst and the budzzz look chronic :)

    tommyo3000 Well-Known Member

    Billy Piper

    Billy Piper Active Member

    It looks great Mate.
    Is that done under cfl?

    chickengutz Well-Known Member

    Its a plant/light thing. If the trics are ambered up pretty good i'd say chop. If you grow a plant that wants to stretch, with cfl's, it will grow tall and make using cfl light efficiently a difficult proposition. If the trics are ambered, you reach a point of diminishing returns, if your waiting for it to fatten up. Mature plants yellow up and the fan leaves get shitty near the end of life.
    kevin murphy

    kevin murphy New Member

    looking really nice the yellowing normal i think coming to end of flower nice lst

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Yellow leaves do not indicate maturity, it happens because you let the levels of nitrogen available in the soil go low enough so the plant starts taking the next available source of nitrogen and that is the fan leaves. People let the nitrogen go low near the end of flowering and hence the yellow leaves, had you had too much nitrogen in the soil you wouldn't have yellow leaves but dark green ones.

    Peak maturity to me is when most of the hairs turn red and wither and receed back into the calyx which is very swollen. Your buds don't look like they are ready to harvest, i would assume you probably have three weeks left. You might add one last small dose of nitrogen with your next dose of bloom ferts just to see it through to harvest. You probably only got a few waterings left before harvest if your soil dries in a week or under so plan the last feeds/waterings and flush.

    Those buds look awsome and if finished properly are gona be sh!t hot smoke. Nice looking plant too.

    You say week 10 of flowering but i call the start of flowering 'when flowers first apper' and not when the lights are first put on 12/12???
    John Michaels

    John Michaels Member

    Last time she was fed was about 2-3 weeks ago. She had some nut burn so the dose was lowered and given less often. She's sensitive... Yes it is done under cfl lighting. Very efficient with low heat. The flowers first showed on 3-12 so it has been 10 weeks. Just want to make sure that she is okay and more importantly the yield will be alright. This is the first grow experience under the belt.
    Billy Piper

    Billy Piper Active Member

    Its a great cfl grow.
    I am trying a red spectrum 250w for flowering at the moment.
    Its my first time without hid so thanks for the confidence boost!

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