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10 day old clones red stem droopy plant and some yellowing help please !!

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by slim1987, Feb 3, 2013.


    slim1987 Member

    Hi this is my first post ive been floating around a few websites trying to find some info on my problem il describe my system and everything i have done up to date any kind of feedback would be great.

    system used. vertical grow hydro tent
    medium used. rockwool slabs 5 clones to a slab
    lights. one long aircooled two bulb lamp. lights on for 18 hours off for 6
    inlet fan and ducting from garden for fresh air
    outlet fan and filter attached to the light going out into the garden
    oscillating fan used for 18 hours a day onlow setting
    nutrients. using the dutch pro hydro system the guy from the shop was raving about it dutch pro multi tool,root take,original grow a and b,
    ph of nutes currently 5.4 changed to 5.8 on advise
    temp 25.5
    humidity 30-40
    decided against using the dripping system as we wanted to manage the amount we were putting instead we slit the tops of the slabs and placed a funnel and fed through that currently being fed nutes every two hours 1/2 a litre in each slab,is that too low for 5 clones in each slab?

    thats pretty much it, now il get to my problem when i first transported the clones from soil to rockwool i didnt flush the rockwool through before with ph'd water like your supposed to i think you flush it to around 5.5
    i read that the ph of rockwool is around 7 to 8 so thats my first mistake.
    the clones were a week old when we put them in late thursday evening. we didnt water or give them any nutes that night, the following day we fed them the mixture of nutes the ph was 5.8 as it says on the dutch pro feeding schedule. we fed them once that day no water, no problems there they all looked fine.
    2nd day we didnt feed them anything water or nutes just 18 hours of light and 6 off plants looked fine
    3rd day in the morning the plants had started to curl under and were drooping bad, we fed that day nutes again ph 5.8 they perked up a little but not much
    4th day same thing more curling more drooping and slight yellowing
    5th day same thing now red stems
    6th day same but getting worse i would say.

    7th day had a good old read to try and find out exactly what it could be, read that the rockwool gets dry really easy and it needs to be kept damp and watered through out the day feeding varies from person to person some leave it on for 24/7 some feed 4 times a day for 15 minutes and others once or twice a day. also read that rockwool gets alot of salt build up and may need flushing from time to time.
    some leaves were really dark green and others yellow. read it could have a nitrogen deficiency or nitrogen block i personally think we should not have fed the full dose of nutes so early we should have maybe given a 1/4 of the strength and built up over the weeks

    8th day i tried to flush them with ph water at 5.5 watered them 3 or 4 times that day the run off ph was 6.2 didnt realy see any kind of improvement

    9th day been feeding every two to three hours of 1/2 a litre in each slab still no improvement

    that pretty much it so to go on but i thought if i gave as much info as possible it might help with a solution

    red stems
    curling leaves
    yellow leaves
    bad drooping

    please any kind of help would be great sorry if i sound like an idiot its my first grow attempt

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    MrStickyScissors Well-Known Member

    Try soil. . Definitely start over

    pistolwhip Member

    [h=3]Over/Under watering:[/h]-Dropping leaves
    -Leaf margins curl upwards [see picture under temperature stress]
    -Leaves eventually hang completely limp and get crispy to the touch (Under watering)
    -Roots rot in extreme cases (Over watering)


    TheTokingKing Active Member

    This appears to be a begginer grow, I would say soil would be a better choice. I have grown for about 4 years now and I will not use hydro. Mainly because its a whole new world of growing. Soil has its problems too but I think it is better for the novice. It looks almost like their hungry because of the yellowing leaves.....but I would have to agree starting over with soil sounds about right.

    bseeds Well-Known Member

    5.2 ph is the best range is 5.1 to 5.9 your ph is a little high shold flush with water with no or little ppm and ph 5.2 flush good then 200ppm make sure that you haye cal/mag in nutes lack of mag causes red /purple vein and stems in plant hope this helps

    kindbud27 Well-Known Member

    i have never checked ph since i have been growing and never had any troubles but i have well water with alot of minerals in it. just give water let get bone dry then water again.

    • The best way that i have seen is to use some good ole fish emulsion and your plants will love you for it. its organic and the plants love the shit. If you are new to growing and have never used nutes then don't use them till you have read enough on these forums and other sites to do it correctly.

      Most problems on this board comes from Nute problems,heat stress, and over watering,and of course lack of knowledge. The watering and the heat problems are something that can be remedied with notice.

      the nute problem can take a little longer to get the plant back to looking good again.
      And the lack of knowledge well lets just say that can take a long time. Just keep learning and become familiar with what nutes you are using, I use Earth Juice and fish emulsion together and they love it but you can grow good dank bud with just using the fish emulsion and you will not burn your plants up.

      I am not the best at growing nor am i even close but i might be in the top 2 million at it[​IMG] but i do grow good ass buds and for my 1st year i grew with just the fish emulsion and the bud was amazing.​


    bmeat New Member

    why would he start over and give up on their lives? theyre still green and able to recover easily.

    get the environment right. purple stems are a deficiency. get the nutes right (constant and low ppm, like 1.3-1.5) make sure there is air in your rez, and make sure the temperature is around 70f. also, make sure there is fresh air coming in and going out, along with a small fan pointed at the ballast.

    you might want to start the rez solution over. take some water, run it through a charcaol filter twice (brita) add your nutes, let it sit for a while, and then test the ph of the solution. it should be 5.5-6 for hydro.

    slim1987 Member

    thanks for the reply,cant believe people were telling me to throw these out and start over! how often should i be feeding? ive got a sprinkler system also would it be worth me completely flushing them all with a low ph water no nutes and then start giving low nutes after?


    bmeat New Member

    dump the rez, filter some water. adjust ph to 6. mix a1.5 ec solution and fill up rez.

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