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10,000 Watt Grow.........

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by riznob10000, Aug 20, 2009.


    riznob10000 Well-Known Member

    What up everyone!!!

    Okay, so I started a thread related to this in the Growroom Design & Setup, but since it's all starting to come together, I figured I'd start a new thread here in the Indoor forum to document the whole thing.

    Thank's to everyone that visited my other thread!!

    So, we're gonna be runnin 10,000 watts of HPS, Co2, A/C, probably goin with Canna products now instead of A.N.

    We're doin around 30 plants, 3 plants per 3x3 tray, 10 gallon Smart Pots, Roots Organic soil mix.

    We're runnin water through a Stealth R/O filter into two 50 gallon drums. We'll probably use a pump and wand and water by hand initially. I don't really have the time, resources, or inclination to go fully automated at this point, but that will probably be the plan for future crops.

    The growing space has been framed in at 13.5'W x 28'L x 12'H. OSB outer walls, sheetrock inner walls covered with panda paper.

    The room will essentially be sealed. No fresh air in, just venting the hoods. Temps will ( hopefully ) be maintained by two 14,000 BTU portable dual-hose A/C units.

    Co2 will be supplied by a Hydrogen 2nd generation water-cooled generator. There's a ppm monitor that is made for the Hydrogen, so it will either be that, or a CAPS ppm monitor maintaining levels.

    All the lights will be running off 220 volt, everything else 110 volt. We put in a new service panel with one 50 amp breaker and one 30 amp breaker, both @ 220 volt, and two more 20 amp breakers @ 110 volt, to go with the 3 existing 20 amp 110 volt breakers already in place. So I think we'll be fine on power!!

    Odor will be controlled by a Can-filter 150 runnin with a 12" Max-fan.

    We'll be runnin a local dank strain to start out with, then we'll probably pop up to Van., B.C. to pick up some select strains for future runs.

    Any suggestions on a good indoor high-yield, but also high quality strain?

    I know everything isn't gonna be perfect, and there are gonna be numerous upgrades and tweakin this and that, but over time I hope to have this shit runnin like clockwork. Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My goal is to have some shit like Mblaze, and hopefully pull an elbow + per plant. So that means probably a 4 month cycle. 6-8 weeks of veg to get 'em nice and big, and about the same for flowering.:weed:

    So, this will be my humble attempt to supply myself and a few others with top quality meds.

    Wish me luck my friends!!!!!!!!!!!:peace:

    Oh yeah, i just gotta warn ya, I love takin pictures, so there will be a shitload of them as this project moves along!!!!

    Also, just in case someone catches it, yeah, I know the sheetrock isn't hung " properly ". My friend got a little over-zealous and started hangin and bangin while my back was turned!!! Whatever, it'll be fine, especially since we're just coverin it with panda paper.

    Just tryin to forestall any of the people that just like to criticize and pick out little shit!! You know the people I'm talkin about!!!! I respect their opinions, as long as they're kept to themselves!!!! Hahaha

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    sogbunn Well-Known Member

    damn.. sounds BIG!!! whens ur estimated time frame to have this bitch up and running???
    luvvin growin

    luvvin growin Active Member

    That is some nice stuff.I personally use Lumatek,and you wont be disappointed.As for the strains,to each their own.It's really up to you,but White Rhino puts up a ggod yield,and is some strong shit,but again,it's all personal when it comes to strains.I like the White strains the best,then the blue/purples.

    breakneck Calyx LED

    Looks like this room is going to be TITTIES! +rep and good luck!

    BTW - Drywall looks fine! Except obviously what hasn't been taped yet. Boy do I NOT miss doing that everyday...

    RyAnRioT Active Member

    sub. i really want to see this turn out
    luvvin growin

    luvvin growin Active Member

    sub.me too,looks pretty nice.

    sogbunn Well-Known Member

    me 3!!!!! bring on the green

    caddyluck Well-Known Member

    wow, I gotta see this go down

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Few questions why are you going to run so much extra light for this particular grow? Each tray being a 3x3 tray with 3 plants means plant size wont be huge like Mblaze but larger then usualy but can easily be covered by a 600 watt light on each with very similar results with good reflectors and that would cut down almost 4000 watts of light usage. or you could line these tables up in rows of 2 edge to edge in 5rows and run 5 light movers holding 2 600 watt lights in tandem so each set gets 1200 watts of light meaning only 6000 watts used or better yet 2 light rails for each row of 2 tables moving in oppsoite directions with 600 watters still using only 6000 total watts with 1200 watts per double table setup? Id also not use the RO water unless you plain on ading extra ph buffers to the solution as the ph will flux alot more with the ro water then non ro or distilled water. I would also suggest more then one scrubber for this size area.

    riznob10000 Well-Known Member

    Hey Sog, ummm......probably about 2-3 weeks to get everything dialed in and clones into the room. And BIG is the plan!!!!:bigjoint:

    Thank's LG. It was either Next Gen ballasts or the Lumateks, but I'm glad now to hear that they work fine for you!! I like the 3 year across the board warranty, + 2 years prorated after that.

    And I'll definately consider some White's; I've always liked 'em too! We'll probably keep a number of strains on tap, and just do whole runs of one strain, for continuity.

    Thank's bro!!

    On the drywall, i just meant that it wasn't hung horizontally, with staggered seams. That's all!!! :peace:

    Thank's! Stick around bro!

    You too!!:-P

    You 3!!!!!! I'm bringin bro!!!:bigjoint:

    Grab a chair Caddy, and your favorite herbs an' beverages!! I got space for ya!!!

    NewGrowth Well-Known Member

    Nice man, I've been interested in that Roots soil looks like good stuff . . .

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Thank's LG. It was either Next Gen ballasts or the Lumateks, but I'm glad now to hear that they work fine for you!! I like the 3 year across the board warranty, + 2 years prorated after that.

    And I'll definately consider some White's; I've always liked 'em too! We'll probably keep a number of strains on tap, and just do whole runs of one strain, for continuity.

    Fletch: the next Gen from CAP are awesome. best ballasts i have seen yet. still a bit new on the market but the fact they come in such versitile makes is great. Im grabbing the dual volt dual wattage next gens. they are both 400 watt and 600 watt hps/mh in the same ballast and are multi tap so run on 120 or 220 current with a 5 year warranty...Should be real nice and save so much time and energy can go for using 400 watts to 600 watts in flower with a swap of a bulb

    HaLFBaK3D Active Member

    damn dude i subscribed +rep also your electic bill is gonna be the shit

    riznob10000 Well-Known Member

    Hey DirtyDan!!!!! Clownin bro!!

    Hmmmm..........we didn't go with light movers initially because it wasn't in the budget. I like 1000's, what can I say? I see the title under your name says you can do it for half, but I like to do it whole, feel me?

    In the future there will probably be light movers involved, and if I can reduce the wattage and still maintain the coverage that I want, I will do that, but it just isn't in the cards right now.

    But then I'd have to change the name of this thread right??? hahahaha

    I'm anticipating the canopies from the 3 plants in each tray to be much larger than 3x3 as I'm goin for big bushes, and I like the thought of one 1000 per table, coverin about a 6-7x6-7' canopy. Call me crazy, I don't care.

    The R/O is necessary in this case, but all treated water will be ph balanced, as well as dialed on E/C and TDS's.

    The scrubber is the biggest one they sell, and is rated for far more square footage than what I'm runnin ( I'm pretty sure, I'll double check on that ), but if it isn't up to the task, a second will definately be added!!

    Thank's for your concern and advice!!!:peace:

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    Ok no issues just curious to what led to your decisions of materials. i have gone away from my 1000 watters since with new digitals the 600 watters put out alsmot equal to the magnetic 1000watters and I can cover more area with 2 600 watters then 1 1000 watter. i like to use 2 600 watters on the 4x8 tables I run but I dont do the bigger plants usually. i like to run about 25 plants in 4x8 tables using 6 inch square pots with hydroton and 4x4 rockwool cubes. try to yield about 2 lbs dry plus per table in a 6 week flower. I am pulling out one of my old 1000 watters for a dirt grow inspired by MBlazes post gonna do 5 bigger soil plants in 30 gallon pots but want to finish at about 6 feet tall at highest. on the scrubbers Im thinking more on the lines of that many lights will heat the room up making it smell faster so one may not move the smell fast enough but 2 would speed it up and keep it stunted in the room better.I also was looking at the RO water as I dont use it in any hydro or aero grows as it tend to flux pretty bad in hydro and it doesnt have the micro nutrients or buffers tap water gives so it had always been an issue causer for myself and fellow growers I have known over the past 15 or so years so i stopped while back and went all tap with much better results.Ill definately watch and see.. check the light movers can be found cheap. i just bought 3 more hydro farrm 8 footers for $120 shipped for all 3

    OregonMeds Well-Known Member

    I'm going to make a prediction that your portable a/c units fail to keep the room cool and that they run away screaming with their two hoses tucked between their stumpy little rolling legs.

    Aside from that, still looking forward to seeing this.

    GoldenGloves Active Member

    I've personally only ran nothin but Lumateks, and I can say I'm not really impressed with them. Within the first 2 weeks, one of my 1000w's blew, an while I was returnin it, there was a guy in the shop who was returnin 3 out of 12 600w Lumatek ballasts that he owned. The store says they have many complaints an returns on their ballasts, at a minimum of 8 a month. So I bought a Next Gen to see how it works out, they're smaller, and they have 2 built in fans, so hopefully they stay cooler then the Lumateks.

    Anyhow, impressive grow, cant wait to see this thing going!

    cowboyframer Well-Known Member

    Al right, found it. re-subscribed!

    Darkstreets Well-Known Member


    FrontaLobotomy Well-Known Member

    That setup looks pretty big time. I'm interested to see how it pans out for you. I agree with OregonMeds that you could have some heat issues, but aside form that it looks very interesting. Keep us updated +rep

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