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1 week old plant ??

Discussion in 'Newbie Central' started by 69glad, Oct 17, 2007.


    69glad Active Member

    Im a newbie and have to plants about 1 week olf that are 4" tall. After reading in here that the lights should be as close to the plant as possible. I lowered the light (compast flurescent) to about 3" above the leaves. This morning when I checked on the plants, I found that the leaves turned yellow and the top leaves started to curl. So I moved the light up and way from them for now. Will them make a come back? or is all lost? Ill try to get some pics up today sometime.

    premier New Member

    put em in a dork place... ^^ thats what my friend did :D just leave em there bout 30 hours or so ^^ they should be good i hope...
    durban poison

    durban poison Well-Known Member

    You could try mist spraying them....heard that mentioned before but, wait until you've had a lot of replies with advice not just one or two opinions....:peace:

    poamgosmokewhenamready Active Member

    i heard weed growing take a long time?!!..

    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    I would sing a lullabye every night and caress them as if they were a fated lover.

    ganjalova Well-Known Member

    my CFL Lights are 2inches away from my plant .. they love it... im not sure whats wrong with yor plant... how long are your lights on?....

    guitarman7311 Well-Known Member

    By the way this is my friends 2 week old. Just miracle grow potting mix and water. 4 walmart grow lights 24" 7800k, 2 of same model with warm 4700k bulbs.

    jbombandtribe Active Member

    wait, how many plants did you say you were growing? and I really wouldn't reccomend miracle grow, flush that shit out and go get the real vitamins, plant food from your local plant shop, perlite. I don't remember just read up. I've been expiramenting with plant food, and then spraying the plant with a bottle filled with 3/4ths water, 1/4th milk and an alkaseltzer, the idea being that it gives vitamins and c02 to the leaves and soil, it may be a dumb idea but this shit is looking pretty intense a week into the flowering stage. I'm just trying to say, don't use miracle grow, there are much better products out there- check out this forum-http://www.rollitup.org/newbie-central/1488-miracle-grow.html

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