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1 or 4 plants per square ft? Sea of Green

Discussion in 'Indoor Growing' started by purplecstasy, Sep 16, 2007.


    purplecstasy Well-Known Member

    Hi, I am thinking of getting a hydro tub with 12 separate pots, all of which are exactly 20cm x 20cm. I've been reading about sea of green, and definitions on the internet always say something about 4 plants per square foot and then something about 1 per square foot ... it's confusing me. To get to my point ... Is this setup that I'm mentioning good enough to do an efficient 12-plant sea of green? Here's the link -

    hazeyindahead Well-Known Member

    sea of green is more of a phrase that there is a huge marijuana plant canopy, to me, SOG is an IDEAL grow room :-D

    12 plants will look pretty nice, make sure the hydro tub is setup for that, lots of kits have more plant spots than the system can support so some plants die, make sure that wont happen to you.

    loh-pan Active Member

    some sog growers cut off all the secondary branches off and just keep the main stem/cola. thats prob 4/sqft. if ur keeping the whole plant or planning on fimming/topping then youd prob want 1/sqft

    PlasmaRadio Well-Known Member

    Quit macking my avatar styles, asshat.

    FilthyFletch Mr I Can Do That For Half

    In these tight little grows you will do a sog and want to lollipop the plants as this is a tight grow. The plants will veg for a short time maybe 10 days or less wanna keep them short and compact concentrate on mail upper colas.To lollipop you remove the lower 1/3 of growth from the plant in veg.If your at your height at day 10 lollipop then give 3-5 days of veg to recover then go 12/12

    purplecstasy Well-Known Member

    Fletch - what do you mean by "lollipop"?
    My plan is to get the clones rooted, at that point I would maybe give it 1-3 weeks of veg (no taller than 14") and then I would cut down the lower 1/3 to only get colas near the end of veg or first day of flowering. Is this the most efficient way of going about this grow considering the 20cmx20cm dimension of each individual pot?

    I know this is basically what you were saying in your response, but I just want to make sure I'm following you correctly.

    Thanks for your responses

    VictorVIcious Well-Known Member

    the pots are 20cm so about 8" square. I guess it wouldn't matter one per sqft or 4 per sqft. You will have about one for every 8"Squared. VV

    gforce420 Well-Known Member

    Just to define a couple of terms as i understand them. #1 SOG... which is sea of green or also known as screen of green. As i understand it this isn't a term for an ideal or perfect growroom. it means that you have 2 or more chambers where 1 is veg & 1 or more is flowering. So you are constantly budding plants & when you harvest those then you have vegged plants ready to go in the flower chamber & it gives you a more steady supply.

    #2 Lollipopping. As I understand this (& i'm sure if you do a google search or something you will find more detailed instructions) but it's when you veg your plant up so far then @ some point you will tie the top down so that the length of the main stem will be horizontal. when you do this all the secondary branches will grow toward the light (upwards). By doing this, instead of having 1 kola @ the top of the plant that will be the very best bud your tip will be tied down & while i'm sure it still produces a great quality bud you will get good quality buds from each of your secondary branches since the tip of the plant is tied down all the secondaries that are growing upwards will be the closest to your light & highest buds so you will get many kola like buds. So tie a small plant down so it's horizontal & you can get 6 or 8 or more "lollipops" from the branches. I've never tried it as i'm still cutting my teeth. but maybe someday :)

    w99illie Well-Known Member

    sea of green and screen of green are similar except that screen of green uses a mesh net to weave or support the tops where you harvest 1/4 of your crop every 2 weeks and replace this 1/4 with fresh plants to keep them in a 2 week rotation
    lollipop is as stated above...you trim all the lower branches and dont top or fim...that way the plant doesnt spread out much taking up space or blocking light...you mainly only have the cola bud thus a lollipop looking bud

    toothbrush? Active Member

    Flower after clones take root: 4/sqft
    This will result in budsicles.
    If you veg for a few weeks: 1/sqft

    AgentX Active Member

    Holy run-on sentences. Take it easy, man, you're going to hurt yourself like that. If you've got the space to have your plants grow sideways, then give it a shot. Hell, try half one way and half the other. See which is better. I wouldn't mind knowing.

    Eharmony420 Well-Known Member

    help, i thot lollipoppin was when you cut off all the branches on the lower third and leave the fan leaves and the top? Or is that donkey dicking. I thought what he said was Lst. I got 2 clones that i put straight to flower, i want to try soemthing cool out on them, they are for fun!

    medgrower49 Well-Known Member

    what he said is lsting and your right about lollipopping, and donkey dick is a strain.

    Dugout Active Member

    High all one thing that wasn't mentioned about tieing down your plant was that when you string it off to pull down plant so other buds can get light you do it a little at a time so you don't break the stem or shock the plant you do this every couple of day's until you have plant at 90 degree angle. As far as sea of green and screen of green I have heard that screen of green is more difficult so best to start with sea of green just what I have heard. I am new at this also but I have a guy that has been doing this over 20 years on here and is very knowledgable so I run everything by him first. I learned on here that there is a lot of bad info and a lot of good you have to sort it out so you need to find one person that really knows what they are doing to ask questions to and advice you on ideas you find in the threads it will definately save you some problems I know from experience. Well bro that is all for know. May your buds be big and the cops far away. Burn one for me the Ole Hippy DUGOUT

    drifter1978 Guest

    thats how i grow its the shit 2 plants 3 pound total cant complain at that,just about to flick to bud so i will post some pics when they are looking pretty

    drifter1978 Guest

    hi people here are some pics just about to flick to bud just have to flatten and she will be off and running will try to post some more pics later but it takes so long to get around this site it is like being on dial up,so i hope i can put up with it looks like a good site with some good info

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