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1 month old plants are tiny!!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Plant Problems' started by dark006, Mar 8, 2010.


    dark006 Member

    They have been pretty slow growing from the start, but I've been patient and now it will be 1 month on Tuesday and they are still tiny as hell. The biggest is around 2".

    Strain: AK-48 (the two "bigger" ones)
    Bag seed (the two "smaller" ones)

    Temps: 73(night)-77(day) deg F
    Intake: 3" computer fan
    Exhaust: opened one side of the lid ~1.5"
    Ventilation: 6" fan inside of box for circulation
    Soil: Jiffy Organic Seed Starting (FoxFarms OF waiting for
    Light: 19/5, two 42w CFL (2700 lumens each), 2" from
    Water: 7.0 ph water with Superthrive every watering,
    nutrients (MG Orchid Food 30-10-10) every other
    Humidity: don't have a guage, probably pretty low

    I don't have an actual exhaust fan yet because I didn't want to cut a hole for it in the tub because eventually I'll stack another tub on top to add height and I didn't want to have to patch up the hole. Could there be too much CO2 at the top of the tub not being exhausted? The fan inside for circulation isn't the strongest, but a lot more than the 3" computer fans.

    I'm under a time crunch here as I'm most likely moving mid-late May. What do you think the problem is with the small size?


    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    how often are you watering. those bigger ones you should go ahead and transplant into bigger pots. they will like those nutes good. stop using the MG. if you have nothing else only use 1/4 or less strength right now. i used it at 1/2 strength burned my plants a little. you should wait til your soil is completely dry then wait a little bit longer. i wouldnt water until signs of underwatering appear. and those party cups make it really easy to over water in. did you put hole in the bottom?

    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    also get that thermo closer to your plants. its probably a lot hotter up there than the bottom of the tub. remember, heat rises

    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    also your going to need a ton more light. once you get everything worked out, they will shoot up in the new pots. oh if you are overwatering, when you transplant into the new soil, dont water, they have had enough already. wait a couple of days and let the roots venture a bit, then water about 1/4 a cup right near the stem. do this til it gets bigger, as it grows, increase the water a little bit every time. you want to simulate a drought, marijuana loves and thrives in dry soil


    dark006 Member

    Cool, thanks for all the advice!

    I'm watering once every 5 days or so. I am waiting until the soil is completely dried throughout. The top is especially crispy. I do have holes in the bottom and sides of the cups. I'll lower the nute levels as well.

    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    ok then sounds like your not over watering. id still tranplant though. my plants had a pretty good rootball after only being in those party cups for about 2 weeks or less

    ElectricPineapple Well-Known Member

    check my grow in my sig for how i transplanted with those party cups. makes it really simple.
    REDI JEDI 420

    REDI JEDI 420 Active Member

    wow they should be way bigger
    Rusty Crutch

    Rusty Crutch Well-Known Member

    One month in a cup

    dark006 Member

    ^ damn I'm behind a little I see........

    Got some 6500K bulbs and bigger pots to transplant in. Hopefully they'll start growing a little more now.

    mjh0817 Well-Known Member

    I would consider investing in larger pots; remember every gallon is one foot of growth, and more 6500 bulbs it's best to try to achieve 23000 lumens or better but you don't always have that option.

    Bic Member

    Mine look the same if not a bit darker coloured and im using bubbleponics with continuos water flow to the hydroton/rockwool

    ismokethedank Member

    hahahaha those are puny, total yeild=maybe a grammy. haha but nah you got enough light shit I grew mine to a foot in a month started wit a 13w and 15w then added a 42w cfl. but yo I got the same mini fan from target lol

    frost3 New Member

    Thank you.

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