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1/2 oz of weed= ? brownies

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by rollingafatty, May 22, 2008.


    rollingafatty Well-Known Member

    i'm making brownies for a group of people and how many people could get fucked up off one pan of brownies made with a 1/2 oz of brick weed?

    It will made using a cannabutter method... no buds in my brownies:mrgreen:...

    Input is needed bad....making these tonight...

    ORECAL Well-Known Member

    how ever many pieces you cut it into is how many people will get stoned, just cut them into the same size pieces as you normally would. so how many is that..... like 6-8 I think right..... not too sure....... oh and BTW, it actually works a shit load better putting the shit right into the mix, not using the cannabutter......at least thats been my experience.

    rollingafatty Well-Known Member

    i've heard better reviews with cannabutter...

    Anyone else???

    ghengiskhan Well-Known Member

    The general thing I've heard is when orally you want 2x the amount that it would take for you to get stoned by smoking. So if you normally smoke a half a gram of this brick shit and it gets you high then 1 gram should do it. So if the mix is evenly dispersed then in theory if you cut it into 14 equal size brownies they'll all contain about a gram of weed each. This is usually enough, might want to eat 2 if it's not real potent shit.
    Golden Ray

    Golden Ray Well-Known Member

    I made canna butter using 9 grams of good bud and I tell you what 1 regular size brownie and I was STONED for 6 hrs. Always go with butter rather than straigh bud in food is my 2 cents. Oh by the way chocolate chip cookies taste way better than brownies, just make sure it calls for Butter. Hee hee I used 1.3 oz of Leaf on cookies and 1 cookie I was very High for 6 hrs.
    Golden Ray

    Golden Ray Well-Known Member

    hey rolling a fatty you there ?

    thegigglepimp Well-Known Member

    Check the brick weed is good first mate i made the mistake of using half an ounce of brick weed without checking quality and it wasnt that great so it was a waste of my time. Also with brick weed shuv the brick in a dry frying pan and itl crumble so easily its perfect for making cannabutter. Good luck my friend!

    ghengiskhan Well-Known Member

    I'd rather use less potent dirt weed for eating than smoking.

    rollingafatty Well-Known Member

    change of plans everyone, gonna toss bout 8 grams of nugs in the butter instead of 1/2 oz of brick...so it should really fuck bout 6 people up good...
    Golden Ray

    Golden Ray Well-Known Member

    No Doubt your good

    archygreenjeans Active Member

    Make hash outta that brick shit, toss it on some other stuff. Have Fun!
    Puff Puff Pass....

    hazmatt420 Active Member

    youre the 2nd person ive seen with a decent looking naked chick as an avatar. where do you get these lol

    Joker52 Well-Known Member

    yo, if i boil the thc out with oil, how much weed(to make oil) do you think could go into a single pan of 6-8 brownies...without being to strong.

    RolliePollie Well-Known Member

    In making the brownies, do you just throw the shit in there with the mix or do you have to do something to it?

    Does it make the oven smell?

    Ethnobotanist Well-Known Member

    Oil is fickle. It varies.
    I'd recommend good ol' cannabutter. THC is more fat soluble, after all.

    My Happy Place

    My Happy Place Active Member

    so how did they turn out? I'm making some tomorrow and I'm not sure which method to use either.

    SeatleHomegrown Active Member

    but THC resin heads are an OIL substance, i think saying fat soluble will help to someone who is trying to boil weed in water to get high (which wont happen) but if you are debating whether to use oil over butter i definitly say oil... seeing as thc is a form of oil...

    dadio161 Well-Known Member

    Here in Colorado, marijuana is decriminalized and we can go grow twelve plants or go to a dispensary and buy up to two ounces a week. I make edible products and sell them to the dispensaries for a living. When I make butter, I use 2 ounces of good quality trim with buds for every pound of REAL, UNSALTED BUTTER. I use a double boiler method. Once I have the butter melted, I turn off the stove. I repete this process every three to four hours just to keep it melted. I do this for at LEAST 24 hours. Strain and cool. Use this butter to make any recipie that requires butter. Brownies, Rice Krispies Treats, Banana nut bread,peanutbutter cups, etc. I do make the best edibles in Colorado if I do say so myself. Use a real recipie, not a box mix. Cheap ingridients make a cheap product.

    PurpleMaxx Member

    Hey Dadio, im also a colorado'in and I have a great Doc, with edibles he will recommend 20 plants and 8oz on you at all times, let me know if you want the address. I made butter the other night and added 8oz of trim and jibs to one pound of sweet cream butter and a pint of ever clear and put to simmer. The Ever Clear helps pull the THC out and when the alcohol evaporates approx. 1 hr strain through a coffee filter and chill. Should be some potent shit, tomorrow I will make some brownies and have a go. You ever try this method, if so your takes?

    PurpleMaxx Member

    Well the butter turned out nice made just under 1 pound of it, just ate a brownie and waiting for the effects!!! :bigjoint:

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