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1/2 oz of schwag. How much oil?

Discussion in 'Cooking With Cannabis' started by poutineeh, Aug 29, 2008.


    poutineeh Well-Known Member

    so ive tried cooking with butter a few times and they were so-so. its hard having the balls to throw in bunch of weed into a pot and cook it. so this time, i figure ill go balls to the wall, and do a half an ounce of schwag.

    total number of people who will be doing it is about 8. 2 are very casual smokers (never buy, only smoke others), and another has never smoked in his life.

    id like to do it in one batch. typically, batches only call for 1/3 cup of oil, which in my experience, only barely coats the bottom of the pan. should i up the oil amount and just have the brownie batch be greasier?

    also, how long should i cook it? im thinking maybe like an hour and a half... i want the brownies to be fun and giggly. i dont want anyone passing out or having a bad "trip"


    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    half a oz should be fine everyone else should get good and high, u on the other hand may need 2 eAT MORE

    poutineeh Well-Known Member

    ok, but is 1/3 a cup of oil enough to capture all the THC? seems like its going to be weed with oil mixed in, and not the other way around.

    smartsoverambition Well-Known Member

    personally i liek to to cook i also like the taste of weed i say turn it into cannabutter first and then use it to cook with the brownies believe me u'll get ALL the THC just make sure u add it evenly

    Hobie Well-Known Member

    oil and bud , what I do

    I place 1 gram of average bud , first frozen then ground into each ( one teaspoon ) cookie with 4 drops of olive oil each .Cook your cookies . When finished,I then freeze them until eaten . I only usually eat .5 cookie . I do make each cookie one at a time - and average of six per batch . 350*f for 10 minutes .
    Use an average cookie mix ... a sugar cookie comes to mind . place yr` bud and oil on to each individually .

    akgrown Well-Known Member

    For 1/2 oz of schwag here is what I would do.

    Crockpot 2 sticks of butter or 1/2 cup of oil. add some water about 2-3 cups. place the pot on low and cook for several hours. Strain through a cheescloth or a coffee filter <-(wastes more product) enjoy as usual, try using clarified butter, it is more versatile and 100% fat.

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