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I am frustrated with his lack of responses to my attempt to get some new orders in though LOLbut he gets down and I respect his Hustle and Grindology-nuff said-Just help me get some of HIS BEANS!
We're all entitled to our opinions-matter fact I'm the 3rd of 4 generations that have put their life on the line so that we may have and express your own opinion (God Bless America)-that being said I can only state the facts as I know them-and the fact is Copy's shit is nice-very nice.
I'm just reading some more of these posts regarding copy.Guess I'll throw 2 more of my cents in.I'm a West Coast guy (55 degrees is cold to me) :) and I respect copy and ANYBODY who works hard. As stated before there are no patents on these beautiful gifts from God. Plus IMO copy is improving the biz because in my experience his work is uniform and predictable.
Bro - I've got about 8 breeders gear going right now. All started at the same time and Copy's stuff is the most uniform and strongest looking overall so far. Don't know why they are hating on dude? Anyway I've been trying to get some strains from his Master List - can you help me get a hold to some of those beans? Can't get dude to answer my order requests for some reason..? Any help is most appreciated. Thanks!
Hey there, I’m planning on running csi Humboldts pound town outdoor this year and you’re the only one I’ve seen with a grow under your belt. How did you like it? What can I expect for potency and yield? Yours looked great!!
Hey guys I've just started a air cooled cob build that i can carbon filter the hot air out does anyone else have similar builds or feedback for me?
Popped two bag seeds from a mates peanut butter breath run and there coming on what I think is okay, to be honest though I know nothing about this plants different phenos ect. One is doing better than the other but noticed thier growth slowes for a few days at least after light defoliation so gonna let them run free for a bit. Any advice on this particular strain?
Did you end up getting a light from budget LEDs and if so do you recommend? Considering getting one but can’t decide between series 2+ or spending a couple more on series 3+. Any insight?
yeah ive had a budget 500w for at least a year now, I love it. I run it in a 3x3x6' space. I ordered the series 3 literally days after it was released, the early version lacks the red/blue switch and isnt on the cool green heatsink so id almost just call what i have series 2.
When in doubt, get more light than you think youd need. If you have a 3x3 space look for a light thats advertised to flower a 4x4 space, at least with LEDs.

just a note, buying pre built LEDs will almost always be about 1.5-2x the price of sourcing the components and doing it yourself but im more of an instant gratification type of guy lol
I am growing a plant nd want too know if it looks healthy Nd also if it’s ok to put Orange peel in too the soil of the plant I don’t remember if I kould plsz lmk any tips or advice that could help me make my plant better.
no putting orange peel in your soil won't help anything and might hurt it generally you keep citrus out of the compost pile. I'd recommend starting by reading and then come back with specific questions. good luck!
Hello, I created a new post asking about some problems I have with my grow and it says "waiting for approval" I guess because I am pretty new and the post includes pictures, I just wanted to ask what I need to do to get the post approved or do I just need a bit more patience?
anyways thanks in advance!
Question in flower which is better? Two of the same 400 watt leds on only bloom, one of the same lights on veg+bloom???
Depends on the light, but if it has switches, I’d switch them both on for flower on both lights. If the space warrants more light.
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