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Hi, I was considering going with Bridge lux's Vero 29 Se for my grow. Before I buy them I'm trying to do research here to figure out if its worth so naturally I found your thread. Do you still recommend these? Also I noticed you mentioned a connection top bridge lux (to order less than the minimum order of 50 each), is that something you still help people out with? It would really save me alot of money.
Dude you rock! I’ve been lurking around here for a few months and your operation is awesome! We’re over here towards Tulsa and in the process of getting our license. I’m reading through your most recent grow and just thought I’d share a drying rack I saw somewhere. Not sure if it would fit your needs but still a cool set up
Lol I’m an idiot! I don’t know how to post pictures yet...
Thanks man!.
Hi there, thanks for responses on some of my posts. Could I trouble you to take a look at these pics from today? I can't get inside my res b/c of the way it's set up, but the roots I can see appear to be OK. Today I jammed my phone down inside one of the empty net cups and snapped these. I see some brown "slime" on one of the roots - look like root rot to you? I'll post on the thread where you replied. Thanks
What’s up I’m working on a build and would like some more advice (blue leds really work?!)
My fans happen to have blue leds already would that be a good idea to leave them in with the fans running or should I just 86 the leds on the fan and do a led heatsink like yours? Thanks
The coloured lights and cloudy lights are low cost Chinese products which are not as good as COB led’s. I run a 1000 w cob led with small fan and my inline ventalation though charcoal filter, in my 4x4x80” tent and my temp/humidity levels are almost always on point
Is it time to harvest? My purple auto flower is in week 8 of flowering. Flushed last week. Flushing one more time and then i guess it's time to harvest. Here are my questions..
1. Do i change the light cycle? been growing outdoors and following sun light cycle
2. Do I cut off the whole plant stem and dry? or do i cut the various stems and dry?
Wait another 1.5 weeks.

Since they are auto , no need to do anything with the lights. Are they outside?
2) it’s up to you. The tops of the plant might be more mature so you could cut them off separately, it depends what your drying climate is like. Very dry- cut the main stem and hang, - very moist - maybe do a wet trim. No right or wrong , only what’s best for you
Hello San Diego!

Sent in my first thread a few moments ago. Lengthy write up and 10 photos. Posted at 12:00am EST. Seem to have been deleted or hidden?

Is there a pre first post initiation required?
Because you're a new member, and you included images in your thread, it was waiting for approval before being displayed. You're all set now.

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