white widdow

  1. Dbridgeman1984

    First Closet Grow 600w MH White Widow

    Looking for some tips and advice. Started my first indoor grow in a converted under stairs closet. 600w MH light setup, Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil, White Widow fems and Blue Dream autos and Northern Lights autos. Germinated seeds in a paper towel and have repotted from solo cups to 5 gallon grow...
  2. Tolerance Break

    Week 9 of first grow: Beginning of The End

    Almost done, day 57 from flip. Dropped my EC to .6, let my PH stabilize around 5.6. WW has fall colors, cloudy trichs all over the top colas. Lower half could use a little extra time. BB (Left) is directly infront of the fan, and shes suffered for it, shes got alot of clear and amber going on...
  3. V

    Am I get getting any closer..?

    First 2 are White Widow Auto, 3rd photo is Blueberry.
  4. S

    How does my plant look?FIRST TIME GROWER!

    Hi I'm all new to this growing . I smoke a lot of weed so decided to grow my self a wee plant for personal use to save money.I bought white widow seeds on Amazon and not sure it growing right or if seeds where not what they say they are lol don't know if to chuck them out or what and start again lol
  5. E

    White widow outside

    Hi I'm new to growing and currenty germinating white widow plants for outdoor grow iv read that it can take 4 months from start to finish is there anyway you can do it in less time ?
  6. grcraze11

    Need help ASAP!!!

    Thank you all in advance! About a year ago I started growing for the first time and that has been quite the learning curve however recently I’ve taken some time off roughly 2 months and every time my seeds germinate I plant them in plastic Solo cups with Fox Farm seedling soil but they never...
  7. TheLastNugg20

    First time grower Having trouble with one of my plants

    wassup guys been having an issue with one of my plants basically I had over watered it a lot during the earlier stages by foliage feeding it wayyy too often and now that I have it on a decent water schedule it has bounced back tremendously from what it used to look like, but the fan leaves are...
  8. I

    First time in the sunshine.

    I'm planning my first outdoor grow (or grow period) this spring... I know its early, but I want to be prepared. Im moving too is BFE in the next week or 2. A place where I'll be on 6acres surrounded by woods and my only neighbors are corn and soybean crops. So im thinking of growing my own...
  9. The Sex Pistils

    Long time lurker in need of help

    I'm at my wit's end with this one. This is how a good 75% of my top leaves look like: This is from a White Widow 41 days into flowering. I also have one more WW, a Critical and a Sour Diesel in a single 15 gallon DWC reservoir. (I know now it was definitely not a good idea, but I managed up...
  10. kindofbudthatmakesUkind

    Earn good karma! Try and figure this out

    First time posting. I learned everything I know from all of you here and the more i learn and apply the more I love watching my cannabis grow. It really is an incredible plant, such controversy and politics attached to it...and that's not its nature! So here is my set up. 3 42watt 6750k cfl 2...
  11. Islandlife4200

    ***White Widow 1k soiless grow***

    Welcome to my Grow journal I hope to give regular updates to my thread time permitting. This is my second indoor grow that I have done myself, I know a few growers and give them a hand sometimes. This is a budget grow most equipment is salvaged and freebies from grow buddies. My grow room is...
  12. Cannabis.Queen

    Opinions on my first real outdoor grow?

    It's come time for all my plants to finally be in flowering stage! Yay! Lol yeah this is my first real grow, I have updates all on my profile for you so i don't have to repeat information. But here is basics about my babies; (all plants from seed) White widow x white rhino: 6 1/2 months old...
  13. L

    Too hot for the seedlings?

    Hi all. I'm growing 5 white widow xtrm autofems from AMS. I live in a very hot and dry climate. temperatures reaching 40 celcius with around 16+ hours of sunlight a day. I'm growing outdoors. Three of my autos are doing fine, the other 2 not so well. The first three had more airflow so perhaps...
  14. Cannabis.Queen

    Vegging for 5 months

    I wanna know what kind of monster I'm looking at, I can tell put her into flower.. so she is stuck growing until she does, I'm putting her in the ground tomorrow. How much training do I have to do to keep her under 5ft?? I'm already super cropping and topping
  15. L

    Brown spots on side of leaves

    White widow auto (greenhouse seeds),day 56,im growing in a mix of coco coir,perlite and peat ph:6,water ph is 5.9,I'm feeding light nutes(ghe trio) Although she had an under powered grow during veg I recently got a 250w hps just a week after pre flowers started forming so she was still able to...
  16. Walterwhiter

    Newbie cfl vs led grow experiment

    So hears the plan yall! I'm going grow two white widow fems under a Vipar 450w led light, in organic soil, and I'm not sure what nutes. VS Two random gift seeds from from nirvana under 4 100w CFLS, with the same soil and nutes once i decide. I will veg 18hrs for at least 4 weeks. Yall let me...
  17. Fatbud666

    how much longer until harvest.. pictures included

    Hello All, I have started a Auto around 3 months ago.. This is currently what the lady looks like (pictures attached).. In you guys honest opinion.. how much longer do i have leftuntil i can harvest? Also i would like to know how much bigger my buds can get if i left them awhile longer...
  18. sharptater

    2x4 400w 1nl 1ww

    Hi everyone. First grow with real genetics. I have 1 nirvana northern lights and one green house white widow, both feminized. Planted seeds 5-11. ww broke soil 5-14. Nl 5-17 started in small pots not sure size close to solo cups. 5-21 transplanted to 3 gallon smart pots in ffof. Been under 400w...
  19. PeachyBuds

    What is this?

    Hey guys, So tonight I noticed this issue on some of my plants. It looks like little spots. Not holes, just odd spots, and not brown spots either. They do seem to dip down a bit into the leaves, though. It doesn't really look like mites to me, and seems much to small of spots to be a bigger...
  20. PeachyBuds

    Topping and cloning

    Hey everyone, So, I wanted to get some opinions on what I'm planning to do today... It's about day 45 from seed for my White Widows (hight is between 10"-13"...I know, small, but let's not get into their hight or anything else here please :) ) and all is going fairly well with them at this...