side by side

  1. Bspra


    Not really a question….. but just curious on everyone’s feeding schedule using dry amendments? Doing a side by side with fox farm trio and their bestie blooms and cha Ching. Trying to run organic grow using dry amendments from down to earth in ocean forest soil and that’s it. Well and the...
  2. hybridway2

    HLG vs HGL Side By Side Take 2

    Picking up from where we left off.
  3. hybridway2

    HLG vs HGL Side By Side

    Before we begin id like to thank Cammie from HGL & Stephen from HLG for giving me/ us this oppertunity. Takes balls fir sure. Those of you who don't know, HydroGrowLed is back. Cammi has been Making Waves with a shocking display of light give aways to growers whom will mostly provide side by...
  4. Hybridway

    Led vs HPS growing

    I'll be showing the differences if any between led & hps growing using some of the latest tech in led against hps. Not exactly perfect side by sides but it's what I could muster up last min being way behind schedule & veg getting out of control. Had to give away a few & chopped one cuz it was...