1. Barry's Natural Farms

    Barry's Natural Farms - Rare Premium Seeds

    We are excited to share our passion for elite Cannabis genetics with you! We have collected cultivars from the worlds best breeders to help share and preserve these masterpieces. Our mission is to offer these genetics at the lowest possible prices, because everyone deserves the best! Free...
  2. T

    2 tap roots 1 seed

    Monkey og germinated today. Anyone seen this before. I think I got twins haha.
  3. HydroRed

    CANNABIS ODDITIES? -Post them here

    In my time of growing I've experienced a few oddities and rare occourances. Im interested in hearing about yours! Share your experiences and add pictures if you have any. I'll start this thread with one of mine which was a Polyploid or what I'll call a "cannabis unicorn".