gorrila glue #4

  1. PhillupJane

    20 gal of Gold

    Hi, I'm high! Decided to do a grow journal. I currently have a gorilla glue bagseed in flowering, but I've been taking pictures the whole time, so I'll be starting with a lot of photos to fill in the gap! Better late then never A little bit about myself. I've been growing on and off for a...
  2. icedrgn027

    Icedrgn027's First Grow, DWC stone-less, multi-strain, mainline

    Wow, it's been a ride... And I am loving the world of growing. I started my grow on Feb 14. Instead of buying flowers for the Mrs, we planted some. Medical users in Illinois are allowed to grow up to 5 and dispensaries are charging $160-200 for 14g. So after being raped on the price of flower...
  3. C

    Help Plants are drooping!

    Hey guys I’m on my 6th grow, I’m growing some gorrila glue 4. I just completed a harvest of this plant 1 month ago and I have another round almost ready to flip I’m 6 weeks in veg and my girls have been dropping for 2 days now. The tops are a little yellow but not crisp so I’m not thinking light...
  4. Z

    Grow Light Height Question

    Okay so I want to grow a GG#4 feminized photoperiod however im not sure how tall they grow. Also, im not sure if i'll have space to hand my lights 24 inches away because my tent is only 80 inches tall. I could upgrade to a gorilla grow tent with the 1ft extension if need be but im not sure if...