Wolf cut genetics clone

Got her in the mail in a tube w a light bought it just to see if it worked this is pbj runtz this is temporary till she is big enough to be w the lady’s


ProPheT 216

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They have some nice looking cuts, I want that apple fritter. How established is green wolf? I don't know much about them


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I wonder if that light does anything or is just a gimmick. I doubt it puts off enough ppfd to keep the plant from flowering or revegging. Cool though!
Bad ass

A lil led in there 2!

Was it in a shipping envelope 2? I'm gonna have to order from them just for the experience
It came in a tube lol wasn’t very discreet but I’m in a illegal state so it sketched me out but she made it and she is doing great and they look to be established and the shipping was quick 3 days and yes I wanted the red strain he has for 300 but I just wanted to make sure I could get it I have a run going right now w ilgm genetics