Wind in the willows

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    Thebanktella Active Member

    I know airflow or wind is needed in the closet for circulation and to strengthen then the stems of your plants , but when is it to strong ? I get a bit paranoid with the amount of wind so I stare at em like a lunatic and position and reposition the fan , contemplating how much is to much or to little but dnt know when it's to much or to little lokl

    giantsfan24 Well-Known Member

    I don't know what is too much but I do not what is not that was deep!

    I just like a little breeze in the box...not a lot but just enough to circulate the air and keep it moving.
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    Thebanktella Active Member

    I'll keep that in mind I just assumed u wanted the wind to strengthen the stems as well but yeah I'll take that advice

    NanoGadget Well-Known Member

    You definitely want the plant to dance a little. You are correct that the plants need to be jostled a bit to promote strong and healthy stems, you just don't want to hit them so hard or so consistently that they are damaged. If they look like they are being assaulted by the fan it probably is. just make em dance a little. A oscillating fan is usually the best solution as it constantly moves air without always hitting the same area.

    JackStraw74 Active Member

    When the leaves start to look curled its too much

    See pic

    The couple big leaves near the tape measure that look curled are wind burned

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    giantsfan24 Well-Known Member

    I think any circulated air will strengthen the plants but my main concern is so I don't attract mildew or molds that I've had in the past. I defoliate a lot for that reason, keep the air moving.

    Thebanktella Active Member

    Damn guys thanks a lot for all the help , I really appreciate it that's why I love this forum
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