Whoever says "Flushing is a myth" needs curb stomped repeatedly.

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    Nasty hydro growers, overfilling your plants with little synthetic nitrate Lego blocks and calling it "growth". Get that shit out of there!

    The blood flow to your brains have been cut off, thanks to the nitrates in your synthetic 3D printer bud, you need to be put down before anyone else smokes something you grew. You dont know you're brain is fucked, and the Monsanto partners arent helping curecure your delusion one bit.

    Im about 2 steps away from setting fire to these Monsanto printer ops. Printing out that fake weed that taste like rubber fishing lures.. Nevermind the rotted limbs and Alzheimers from the nitrates that cut off your blood flow.

    Do you know why stomach cancer was the number one cancer before refrigerators? Nitrate preservatives. Enjoy your lung blood and brain cancer, sterile growers. But try to sell that shit to my family and you're taking an even earlier exit.

    Sterile growers, you are pawns in a con against nature, against Earth, and against humanity. You ARE our enemies. Us with souls, us natural, real authentic food eating humans that is. Stick your fucking plastic plant vitamins up your butt and quit eating food if you believe in synthetics so much. I dare you. There is literally no difference between how the stomach works, and how the root works. Skipping this process is POISONING THE BODY,and creating UNNATURAL, SYNTHETIC NITRATE FILLED CELLS.

    Your stomach is no different than a root except its inside out. If you growstore obsessed people could get it through your fucking heads that REAL science spans everything, that the rules don't change for Cannabis, you MIGHT actually taste an authentic, skunky Cannabis plant for the first time. No Skunk flavored sweetener will help you.. No fuckin bottle of pine sol juice will treat your soul. Grow a natural, authentic plant. Then and only then will you understand why Cannabis is important to humans, after the blood begins returning to your brain and the authentic Cannabis kicks in.

    Growing and smoking sterile bullshit, you have literally ZERO grasp on why Cannabis is important to humans. You have stumbled into a placebo market of self torturing self loathing placebo people. I suppose that's why you're so happy with the current arrangement? You plastic Tares gotta stick together in your fantasy land of pretend terpenes and imaginary nonexistent bioflavinoids you swear are in your plant.. Us Wheat can see right through the plastic veneer. Intelligence scares you. Reality terrifies you. Nature makes your bones quake. Because it has no boss. No ruler. No Big Mike to fondle you. What a bunch of sickos the sterile hydro cult is. Literally less than 50% human, they've put so much plastic weed in their bloodstream.

    Keep smoking on them vinyl floors. That grocery sack weed. Melted Styrofoam tasting bullshit. You'll get what you deserve once the lawsuits start piling in, if you even survive that long, smoking the glittery fishing lure tasting bud you con artist pawns produce for Bayer-Monsanto, the human hating nature killing perpetual sickness machine you all work for.
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    i agree...

    that is why @Finshaggy 's plants are so cosmically better than all of ours COMBINED!!!

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    da fuk?
    Roger A. Shrubber

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    are you going to start a new thread every day? no one anywhere wants to hear your warped rambling shit, i don't think you even want to hear it, it's just a temporary relief from the other voices in your head

    whitebb2727 Well-Known Member

    What the fuck is wrong with you?

    Nobody is listening to you.
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    Clicked on a thread expecting some insight or science to take gander at, got this instead.


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    I read through the whole thing too - & replied
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    Flushing is a myth. What are you going to do?
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    Roger A. Shrubber

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    you expected insight from a thread with "curbstomped" in the title?

    firsttimeARE Well-Known Member

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    Maybe this is his version of fishing.
    He throws out a line with bate on it and comes back the next day to see what he caught.

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    Maybe. I don't think this guy is smart enough to troll.
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    last time i flushed in hydro a wanker fell out and started a post at the top of the page.
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    Well on my laptop it doesn't show the full title (on the front page) and I generally don't hover over to check the fill thing either. Lesson learned.
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