Wet trim or Dry trim? A consensus

Discussion in 'Harvesting And Curing' started by InThEwOoDs, Jan 31, 2018.


Dry trim or Wet trim

  1. Dry

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  2. Wet

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    InThEwOoDs Well-Known Member

    Hey RIU, been a while.

    Anyway, looking further into my dry/cure techniques to improve my small-batch product.

    Dry or Wet? more importantly: WHY?

    ScoobyDoo90 Well-Known Member

    Both, Heres why, trim off all the big extended Fan Leaves While wet and maybe a some Sugar Leaves to help open the plant a little to help prevent mold and help with even drying, then when the buds are dry and ready to be jarred, then you do the dry trim, IT helps to leave some sugar leaves on during the drying to help slow the dry and protect those buds trichs,
    Organic Altruism

    Organic Altruism Active Member

    ScoobyDoo90 got it right.
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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    I hand manicure my final trim right at harvest. I sloppily fiskar up and down each of my six colas to make six donkey dicks. I then cut some of the buds off it it starting low, when the result looks good I stop. About a pound wet(1/4 lb after dry) done this way takes me half an hour every time.

    raggyb Active Member

    I do what scooby do too.
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    AmericanGrower508 Well-Known Member

    I'm with Scooby.. In fact I remove the bigger leave when I take plant out of room for it's dark period.
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    70's natureboy

    70's natureboy Well-Known Member

    It depends on humidity. Wet trim in humid climate and dry trim in dry climate. If you wet trim in a dry climate you get crumbling powder weed in 3 days. If you try to dry trim in a wet climate they won't dry for over 3 weeks and lose smell.
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    For me Wet because I hate dry trimming. I get a cleaner trim wet and my soul is just about in tact after days of it.

    ANC Well-Known Member

    If you don't have to sell there is another option, no trim.
    I always leave a few buds like this, when it is cured enough you just rub on the larger sugar leaves that would be trimmed ordinarily and they will fall off.
    Trimming the shit out of weed is a newish thing. Go look at any of the pictures of the 70s weed.
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Same can be said for vaginas but I know which I prefer. :bigjoint:
    Sour Wreck

    Sour Wreck Well-Known Member

    lol, gonna have to agree with corey on this one...

    i wet trim everything, sugar leaves included, no extra handling of dried bud, just straight into the jars.
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    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    I use a dehumidifier to control humidity and prevent mold in my dry space and a heater/ac too. I keep it set the same year round
    and my buds are usable in 8 days, in demand at 14, and rockin at 30 in that same space

    Smokey57 Well-Known Member

    natureboy hit this one on the head. couldn't agree more.

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