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    My Name is Mike

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    Hey All,

    It's my first waterfarm grow and was looking for some insights you may have with my first week of progress. I'm definitely riding the waves with this but glad to have started after reading for over a year.

    To keep it short n sweet, here are the details.

    Cab build sealed-air/light, 6in inline exhaust fan with carbon filter, passive intakes, circulation fan and 200watt LED cob @ 24" 40% - no nutes yet on 18/6 light

    I have blueberry OG(short longer leaves) and CBD critical cure(taller odd looking leaves) going, germed and transported into hydroton directly

    WF mods, I have upgraded the air pump, drilled additional holes etc. I've read Scottys thread several, several times.

    Today marks 7 days completed and was looking to read some feedback. I posted the data I collected for the 7 days so that'll help you help me. To throw this out there, I believe my PH meter is off so I've ordered a replacement. It's just reading all water at a PH level 8. I've tested distilled, RO, spring and tap. Same reading. It's either meter or calibration is off.

    I'm open to answer any questions.


    EDIT: ah, btw the all the readings on the left side of the data sheet are for the blueberry OG, each cell is the AM/PM reading. The readings on the right side of the data sheet (PPM, PH, H20 in BOLD) are the CBD critical cure readings. H20 is water temp

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    I just came across my old 8 bucket HydroFarm. They're easy & productive systems from what I remember but I only ran it a couple times.

    Looking forward to following along and getting some pointers. A buddy wanted to try hydro so I'll probably lend him the hydrofarm to get his feet wet.

    scurfer Member

    I modified a WF set up by ditching the overhead drip and putting in two air stones into each pot (a four pot set up) hooked everything up to a 12gal tote as a reservoir with a 1/10 hp chiller, all with the 1/2" tubing. For circulation, I immersed a water pump in the tote and a flow valve to regulate flow. The flow rate was very slow (10-12gal per hour) and I had only 1 clog where I had to pull some roots away from the tubes once. Worked great for two grows.
    I was worried that the white WF pots would promote algea so I simply cut out some large black trash bags and slipped them over the entire pot.

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    My Name is Mike

    My Name is Mike Member

    Thanks! I've read that thread though, many, many times. I have the condensed PDF version someone created from that thread to avoid sifting through all the pages.

    I just wanted to make sure, with pictures provided, someone can't pinpoint any red flags I should be aware of. PH is reading higher than I want, but I think the calibration is off. Waiting on my new cali kit. RH is resting around 40% temps stay low 80s. I've insulated both rez to keep water temps down.

    I'm definitely geeked and know problems will happen. This is just a learning trial run. I spent quite a bit of time building out my cab and I'm just enjoying seeing it operational. Keeping a tedious log to keep everything dialed in. Learn what changes do what etc.
    My Name is Mike

    My Name is Mike Member

    Here is the PDF condensed version of Scottys PE grow. I forgot who created it and shared it with me, but it wasn't me who created this to be clear.

    Huge credit though because this PDF saved me a ton of time from sifting through.

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    mytwhyt Well-Known Member

    If you go to 420.com, Dr Fish has a couple of WF grow threads there with a few different mods.;-) i have the same PDF.. I stopped using FNB after GH took out the 3% citric acid.. Before it would drop my ph from 7 to a 6.. I had to adjust my ph with ph down after they did that..
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