Want Legalization? Vote Donald Trump!

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Should Trump be elected president?

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  1. Yes I want legalization!

  2. No! I do not support the cause of this website!


    jamescameron Member

    Whereas, the usage and also purchase about Marijuana is juged against the law under specified federal legislation. The main purposes of marijuana are allowed only for medicinal uses and treating for some serious diseases.

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    jamescameron Member

    Thanks for updating Mr. BM9AGS :weed:

    FauxRoux Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately that day will be nearly the day after legalization. I did some consultant work for a commercial ag business in central cal that last year donated over 1 mill in produce to the homeless as a tax write off alone. They, like many companies are setting up commercial grows measured in the acres to get in as soon as the door opens for full legal status. Worst part is they have no intention of staying in it. They simply plan on providing a quality organic product long enough to create a brand name to sell to corporate before the price plumits.

    The clubs are often an issue too, as you said. In Monterey, ca, walk in dispensories have always been banned...that is until a VERY wealthy city coucilmen was given the only permit to have 1 in the county recently. The compromise was that they would pay the rent on the entire building and allow the Monterey police dept to use the 2nd floor for a new precinct. All previous attempts at walk in despenseries in Monterey were not only fined for every day they remained open (I think $1000 per day) but had police parked outside every hour they were open harrasing patients.
    They all quickly closed.

    I think Trump and Sanders represent 1 very important shift in American politics, being that the average American currently recognizes we are in REAL need of change from our traditional 2 party system (even if the republicans don't realize that's what they want). Granted while Trump is certainly NOT in fact that different from any other money grubbing private interest twat on the hill he IS a popular choice for his ability to at least sound different then your average republican. Reb's are attracted to his perceived transparency. I find it a good sign that even if Trump voters aren't savvy enough to follow his actions over the years and differentiate them from his empty promises, at least they recognize that the other people in their party are lying scum.

    Its a step in the right direction.

    That's rediculous..you've basically just said

    "we can trust private interest groups (a.k.a. trump) cause thay don't take hand outs....from private interest groups"

    By electing Trump you essentially eliminate the middlemen and are turning our elected officials into the very people we are trying to keep from corrupting them in the first place.

    But please...DO vote for him and further split the Reb vote...that would be super

    P.S....juuuust saw the little "/joke" tag...lol :oops:
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    jamescameron Member

    The quality organic products just like CBD, Kratom, and other should be fully legalized within the US.

    since1991 Well-Known Member

    So yeah...now that you idiots voted for Trump and hes president...he sure picked a winner in Sessions for legalizing marijuana huh? Everyone on this forum (a pro marijuana forum) that voted for the orange clown should be ashamed of themselves. For real. If that crazy old coot Sessions unleashes his DEA goon squad (he wants to really bad) I hope its your door they kick in first.

    dajosh42069 Well-Known Member

    Yup. Reinstitution of mandatory minimum sentences, and the rescinding of any progress made by the Obama administration with regards to relaxing the laws inhibiting many of us who frequent this site...

    Not that I want to have a political discussion.
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    scootchiecat Member

    Trump is a self-admitted sexual predator, a convicted swindler (Trump U. and bribery in FL), and an obvious serial liar. He appointed Jefferson Beauregard "Bilbo Bigot" Sessions as his AG, attacked our allies, embraced our enemies, and is agitating for war.

    OP, turn off Fox "News" and stop reading Breitbart and Alex Jones. You'll be a lot smarter and less prone to stupid statements like, "Trump is gonna legalize it! derp."
    El Viajero

    El Viajero Member

    So how is this coming along? Trump has been in office for quite a while now and it only seems like his administration is working to make the issue worse.

    doublejj Well-Known Member

    El Viajero

    El Viajero Member

    Any updates from the Pro-Trump crowd? Is it legal yet? Has he declared the USA a place weed can legally be bought, sold, and used without fear?
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    UncleBuck Well-Known Member

    they got laid off from their jobs at the russian troll farms. they'll be back in 2018 though
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    since1991 Well-Known Member

    Your gonna get crickets here from the pre election Trumpets. They were sold a lemon by the used car dealership of the GOP and FLOCKS NEWS.
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    im4satori Well-Known Member

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    im4satori Well-Known Member

    although I did go thru the first couple pages to make a mental note fo which members I should avoid lmao
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    Vincentc808 Member

    I actually thought that trump would legalize it because hes a businessman and there is so much money to be made with weed legalization. But I guess not smh.

    Vincentc808 Member

    he makes me sick. get him tf out
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    John Levy

    John Levy Member

    Well legalizing weed is helpful both for the medical purpose as well as for the state economy. It has the potential to revive the economy and the sick healthcare industry. So in my opinion govt should legalize its use and also regulate its market. So that it cannot be used for wrong purpose.

    brewbeer Well-Known Member

    Who decides what the "wrong purpose" is? I hope it's not Jeff Sessions ...
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