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Life is like a toilet bowl - just about the time everything settles down, some asshole comes along and stirs things up again.

Don't Bogart

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That does sting......use to be paperboy.
Did deliver papers. Had a shepherd charge me and clamped down on my arm. I had this heavy wool winter coat so he didn't puncture my arm....BUT THE PRESSURE!! WOW!
And did have a collie bite my ass.
The statement, Never trust a calm dog, is actually the title of a book I have. It's full of these statements which amount to wives tales and such. I'll try to dig it up and post more. It's how you as a stranger approach a dog you don't know.


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The plant is cannabis- the plant we know as hemp or marijuana- a mysterious plant, a powerful plant, a plant of great importance in the history of humankind for thousands of years. In modern times it still plays a formidible role. Questions raised by its use concern our societies, our politics, our religions, and actually our perceptions of reality-

need I say more? (Mel Frank, 1988)


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How do you pay who for life essentials if only the electric turns off? And heaven forbid gas and water.

Moral is: educate you and fight ordinances denying you the right to feed your family.
Employers talking trash about me like gossipy high schoolers lol. U think I got a bad attitude? Sorry I can work like a mexican for 14.25 and do four people's jobs at once but your shitty work environment and people make did their best to bring out the worst in me. I'm not jesus christ. If i thought i was....i'd have way bigger problems.