Testing for THC and CBD?

Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Dear ol" Thankful Grower!, Feb 2, 2018.

    Dear ol" Thankful Grower!

    Dear ol" Thankful Grower! Well-Known Member

    Hey everyone was wondering about testing for THC and CBD in finished products is their affordable at home kits or places to send for testing? Would it be worth it? I know that when selling to clubs/dispensaries your product must be tested I would like to know when having different runs with same strain if different products or environmental changes can increase or decrease the percentages feed back appreciated thanks!

    xtsho Well-Known Member

    There are several home testing kits available online. Although I don't know how accurate they are. The most accurate way is to have it tested by an accredited lab but most if not all are going to require that you bring the sample in person. I have never had anything tested but there are several labs withing a few miles of my house so I might take a sample in one of these days.

    A quick google search for "home kits for cannabis testing" brings back numerous results for kits you can order online and use to test at home. Again, I have no idea how accurate these kits are and your best option is an accredited lab with professional testing equipment. If that isn't an option then the home test kits are your only choice.

    chiqifella Well-Known Member

    its bs, save your money for now.
    all the buds I sent in came back matching what I read they were online.
    theres a lab that posts all of their findings, I lost it, but its out there. use that for a guide.
    If you're growing with all the right stuff you're hitting the same results likely..
    I found that different buds from the same plant tested differently.
    I found different labs found different amounts of thc in the same buds.
    I found the testing for thc to be a waste of money.
    Dear ol" Thankful Grower!

    Dear ol" Thankful Grower! Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the replies i will be able to do further research thanks again guys!

    iPerculate Well-Known Member

    You can send your cannabis to me and I will test it for you bongsmilie

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