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    My temperature in my tent is running around 81 degrees with two plants in veg should I be concerned about the temperature? My humidity runs about 40% to 48%. What do you think my numbers look like what should I be doing?
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    Since you are in veg right now your temp is good, but I would not let it get much higher maybe like 85 degrees max. If it were in flowering then I would say try to keep it below 80, but you should be good. Temps above 80 degrees in the flowering stage leads to a higher risk of getting mold/mildew and can reduce potency and smell of your buds. Just something to keep in mind when you go into the next stage.

    As far as humidity goes you are still good as long as its somewhere between 40-60% you are good my man. Also when you go into flower its a good idea to keep those humidity levels where you already have them between 40-50% to prevent mold/mildew/bud rot. Having your buds growing with high temp + high humidity is not good.

    Good luck on your grow man.
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